Sunday, December 19, 2010


cash is a sort-of picky eater.
he won't eat meat (unless it's in dino-nugget form) and he's not a huge fan of green vegetables (then again, can't say that i blame him.)
he's also a snacker.
as in, never really eats a full meal (unless said meal contains peanut butter sandwiches - he never lets those go to waste) but snacks all the live-long day.
by the time nate gets out of bed on sundays (which, mind you, is only about an hour after i get up) cash has eaten 3 snacks. BEFORE breakfast.
but the best thing about this kid? he doesn't like sweets.
he won't eat chocolate (making the small exception for m&m's - but he'll only eat about 3 of those before he's moved on.)
he'll eat the occasional cookie, but it has to be oatmeal raisin.
and i've only gotten him to eat ice cream once.
giving this kid a treat is really strange - he gets more excited by a cup of frozen blueberries than a chocolate chip cookie.
not that i'm complaining - more cookies for me.

anyhow (and i swear, i do have a point here) we made gingerbread houses at mom's house again this year.

[[i'd like to take a minute to point out how kick ass my 'gingerbread' house is - who doesn't love a retro-style ranch home??]]

just after breakfast, i realized i didn't know where cash was...and he was doing this:

apparently, this kid likes dots.
a lot.
by the end of the day, every last one had been eaten (ok - 1/4 of them by me.)
if he were any other kid, i would have probably been pissed.
but seeing as this was the most sugar he's ever had in HIS LIFE (and he wasn't a monster at all today) it was just adorable.

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  1. Oh...the snacking thing he comes by naturally huh, Sarah. It would have driven your Dad nuts. He would have tried to feed him only at noon too!! And we all know how well that works. Not liking green veggies but loving blueberries, totally you. He is YOUR son there is no doubt about it...