Wednesday, December 29, 2010

how was YOUR wednesday?

today cash refused to take a bath.
i woke up feeling worse than yesterday. (uck.)
it snowed (squeeee!) but didn't stick (boo.)
forgot cash's security blanket (whoops.)
dropped him off at daycare late.
raced to work (almost late.)
answered the phone for 8 hours (and listened to exceedingly dumb people all day long.)
sneezed, coughed and blew my nose until it was raw.
drove home, passed SEVEN pg&e trucks on my street (never a good sign.)
power went out right as i pulled into the driveway (DAMMIT.)
rescued my poor mom and a screaming, scared cash from the darkness.
decided to go to restaurant for dinner.
got to restaurant to find it packed, credit card machine had just gone down and there were 3 tables ready to pay (F WORD.)
helped straighten things out, bribed cash with fries and headed to target.
spent $65 (oopsies) but got niece's birthday shopping done.
drove home, pass pg&e trucks again (DOUBLE DAMMIT.)
pulled in driveway, still no power.
raced inside with our bags to light candles - couldn't find a lighter (apparently we don't own one - FFFFFFFF WORD)
ran over to mom's to steal lighter.
get back home, brought cash in, lit candles, started fire, changed into jammies, started a movie (thank god for fully charged laptop batteries) and snuggled on the couch.
took cold medicine, prayed that it would work (so far, not so much.)
power came on at 9:15 (HALLELUJAH!)

so really - how was YOUR day??

my cute boys on christmas - note the GIANT container of raisins. was gone in a week. this boy poops for DAYS.

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