Thursday, December 30, 2010


i realized this last weekend that i am now a mother to a full blown toddler.
it occurred to me as i watched my cousin katy's face contort in HORROR as she watched cash purposely shove a stack of books towards my glass, just to knock it over.
my son, everybody - so charming.

he seems to have switched to toddler over night - he's now particular about EV-ER-Y-THING.
he only eats what he wants to, when he wants to.
food that he scarfed yesterday is as good as dog shit today.
he must (must, must, MUST) pick out his own coat when we are getting ready to leave. the other morning i didn't let him (not on purpose, it just didn't occur to me to ask) and he insisted on wearing his favorite red zip-up OVER his winter coat. yes ladies and gentleman - my kid is THAT kid at school wearing 2 coats and mismatched socks. stellar.
he is huge on helping now - his favorite chore is putting things in the garbage (in fact, when he hears me blow my nose, he RACES from the other end of the house to grab the kleenex from me, just to throw it in the trash.)
however, this backfired on me today - he was 'helping' me fold laundry (another favorite chore) and he snatched a pair of jammies, took them straight to the garbage can and threw them in. apparently he doesn't like that pair.
he did the same thing when he was helping put away groceries - he took a box of cereal bars out of the cupboard and threw them straight in the trash (turns out they were really old anyway.) i'm now constantly checking the garbage for unwanted shirts and toys.

all that aside, he does make my days interesting.
when i went to put his clothes away today, i found his drawer for his shirts full of legos - no shirts to be found. (they were stuffed in his toy box - duh, that's where all little boys keep their shirts!)

he's an awfully cute little monster though.


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  2. You say Kaylee is looking grown up? Holy COW. Cash is changing so much!! The boy is losing his baby chub. :( He's so handsome Sarah.