Friday, December 30, 2011

the hat stealer.

the boy who would not wear hats is suddenly completely ok with hats.
but not his own hat. goodness, no.
he has to wear dad's hats. or one of my hats.
and its completely hilarious and sweet.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

a self-dressed man.

cash is all about picking out in his own clothes now.
which means he wears alot of mismatched crazy, often including jammies all day long.
it's pretty sweet.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


we're trying to recover from christmas 2011 madness over here in the crawford household.
unfortunately, the house is still decorated, new toys have still yet to find homes and the goodwill donation box overfloweth.
despite all that, our holiday was pretty wonderful (albeit, exhausting) and it's a little hard to believe that this christmas will be our last as a family of 3. weird.
off to begin operation 'take my house back.'
i may or may not ever resurface.

[[pictures from our trip on the 'polar express' in hood river. it was fun but far too long of a train ride for a squirmy 3 year old who had just spent 2.5 hours in a car. poor planning on our part. but he didn't punch santa in the face, which was a legitimate concern, so i'm calling it a win.]]

Friday, December 23, 2011

this boy in december.

- he is so sweet and patient with me in the morning (you know, while i'm hanging onto the toilet for dear life.) sometimes he'll stroke my hair, other times he'll wipe my face when i'm done. it absolutely kills me. of course, there are also the times that he tries to shut the lid on my head. you just never know with this kid.

- the other day, my bestie julie was visiting. she was giving me an update on something that is going on with her family and she was getting a little agitated about it when cash came in from the other room and gave her a hug. then he grabbed my arm and made me give her a hug too. he doesn't miss a beat, that one.

- he is obsessed with our christmas tree and has lovingly redecorated it countless times. so far, no broken ornaments (that i've found at least.)

- he still has a complete lack of interest in the wrapped presents; our tree has tons of gifts under the tree and he doesn't give them a second look. not gonna lie, its kind of awesome.

- he's finally to the point where it isn't a chore to take him to the grocery store and loves to 'help' in any way that i'll let him.

- he is adding new words to his vocabulary every single day. he never stops talking, though most of the time it still doesn't sound like english.

- i'm cracking down even harder on bad words in front of him (mostly on nate and my friends...i don't swear that much.) the other day nate let one slip and cash repeated it clear as day. nate looked at me and said, "did he really just say that?" "yup." "wow...i really need to watch my mouth." um...duh honey. sheesh.

- the days of him sleeping straight through the night (or sleeping for 12+ hours a night) are long gone. he's been getting out of bed at random times, having difficulty falling asleep and comes into our room at 6:30 most mornings. considering he's never gotten up that early since...ever, that's freaking early.

- bathtime is a screaming match and more than once i've considered just wiping him down with a baby wipe.

he's such a rad kid - i'm so lucky to be able to stay home with him.
even if it means lots of tap dancing videos.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

this week and a gratuitous belly shot.

we're on week 3 of at-home preschool and it's going...ok.
last week was full of hits and misses but i did experience the best day cash has had yet.
julie was here visiting for the day so maybe he was just doing it to impress her (which is fine by me) but he paid attention the full half hour, watched the sesame street video more than once and was just being pleasantly cooperative.
it was awesome.
the start of this week was pretty rough - he was running a fever and sick all day so it was a bit of a struggle to get even 10 minutes out of him. but 10 minutes is better than nothing.
i'm starting to at least get some of a glimpse as to how he learns best (by watching, not doing. and dear god, don't put him on the spot.)
i'm constantly changing and adapting the curriculum and pretty much spending our entire 'school time' talking his ear off.
i know that he's listening, he's just too stubborn to interact much (and when he does, it comes as a total surprise to both of us. today, out of the blue, he pointed to the picture of a C that he had colored and yelled, "C!" and when i congratulated him, he got mad and sulked off. sigh.)

and in pregnancy news...i'm still sick every morning but typically go the rest of the day feeling ok.
-i think this time of year is the worst to be pregnant and 'trying not to gain too much weight.' this baby has had a steady diet of oatmeal cookies and banana-almond muffins. it's bad. and delicious.
-i'm weird about different things this time (ie, not punching people in the face when they touch my belly. i do reserve the right to slap any stranger that tries it, however.)
-this time, i am getting irritated when people ask if we've chosen names. i don't know why - i can't even explain it. (for the record, we haven't. which makes it even weirder that it bothers me.) apparently i won't be telling anybody once we do. because my pregnant self is insane.
-this time around the aches and pains are hitting me shockingly early - i instantly feel a difference in the morning if i skipped yoga the day before (not that it stops me from skipping...i'm not very smart sometimes.)
-cash keeps pointing to our ultrasound picture and asking "is that? is that?" when i tell him it's the baby, he gets the most puzzled look on his face. it's adorable.

and that's about what's happening in our neighborhood.
nate finally gets some days off starting thursday and we all can't WAIT.
we're taking cash on the 'polar express' up in hood river and i'm pretty sure nate and i are the most excited. (we get to see santa! what? that's exciting.)

Monday, December 19, 2011

the best christmas surprise.

not gonna lie - probably the best part of our christmas party was when this girl walked into my house and totally surprised me.
nicole is one of my closest friends (and cousin) but lives in washington so we rarely get to see her.
to say i was completely shocked would be a serious understatement (reality: i almost peed my pants. i'm gonna blame it on gestating a human, but thats probably not entirely fair.)
i'm thanking my lucky christmas stars that i got to see her.
and can't wait for the spring when we get to see her again!

(also? she won best ugly sweater award. her sweater had BELLS for god's sakes. it was amazing. and her antlers lit up. girl knows how to show up unannounced at a party.)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

the ugly sweater party.

i've been wanting to throw an 'ugly sweater' christmas party for years and this year we finally did it.
we served tasty white trash treats (including a tater tot casserole which was embarrassingly good. i ate far too much of it) watched christmas movies till the cash monster went to bed and then played a cutthroat game of apples to apples.
i'm already making grand plans for next year.

[[note that even cash and piper are wearing ugly sweaters...this is why i have children and pets people.]]

Friday, December 16, 2011


our furry little ferret monster turned 5 this past summer.
with a life expectancy of not much longer than 6 years, we knew this next year could be it.
so it shouldn't have come as much of a shock when i took him out of the cage the other day and he was skin and bones.
his weight has always fluctuated from season to season but he's never been this thin.
i'm afraid that this winter might be it for him.
and while i whine and complain about changing their litter box, tripping over their toys in our dark bedroom and finding teeth marks in our leather belts...i'm really going to miss this guy when he finally goes.
he was our first pet together.
sure, sometimes i still wish we had gotten a cat.
but i love this smelly little guy.
and i sure will miss him.

[[just wanted to add, he does still seem to be eating/drinking regularly but he's just not gaining weight. nate thinks his hips might be going out too because he walks like a stiff old man. i loaded up on ferret vitamin supplements at petco the other day so we're hopeful that will at least keep him from getting malnourished.]]

Thursday, December 15, 2011

this year's tree hunting was interesting, as always.
it was cold as hell but beautiful and sunny.
cash ran around like a crazy person (nature lover!) while i picked out 3 perfect trees.
we got the biggest tree to date for our house and nate commented that, "we're a real family now - we've graduated to the big trees!"
cash kept trying to feed tree branches to the sheep in the field next to the trees.
we lost him for about 5 minutes while he hid from us.
and he pitched a big fat fit when it was time to leave. it was epic.
all in all a pretty perfect day.

and this is totally blurry and out of focus but i cannot stop cracking up about how cash looks like bigfoot.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the animals.

awww, these two.
some days they get along great - kisses all around with an added bonus of shared goldfish.
and other days i'll find them in the living room, cash screaming at her while she stubbornly lays on the blanket he's trying to snuggle with.
cash has even learned to tell her to get on her bed (in fact, when we look at pictures of her he'll say "bed!" as often as he says "piper.")
she gets highly offended when he does this and hardly ever listens.
i keep telling her she should be more grateful to the one that makes sure she gets lots of treats.
either way, i'm so glad we have these two - my day is never dull.

Monday, December 12, 2011

on stay-at-home dads.

this thread on offbeat mama made me really weepy today (pregnancy hormones!)
i never really thought about how fortunate (or how unusual) i was to have my dad be a 'stay-at-home-dad' for a time when i was a toddler.
i'm not exactly sure how old i was, but i imagine between 3 or 4.
my mom worked and my dad was doing some consulting stuff (i think...i'm going off a 3 year old memory here) while he looked for something permanent. so that meant that he was at home with me all day.
and for the most part, it rocked.
when it was nice, we spent all day outside.
we ate completely un-balanced lunches (i distinctly remember a lot of peanut butter covered bananas.)
and we watched a lot of star trek.
in short, it was pretty rad.

in fact, i might have nothing to complain about had it not been for him starving me.
dad believed in no snacking. as in, you ate 3 big meals a day and that's it.
i for one, have never been able to operate that way and i especially couldn't as a little kid.
i'll never forget one morning i told dad i was hungry - he looked at the clock and said, "It's only 11:30. We eat lunch at noon."
i must have asked something along the lines of, "When's noon?" because i remember him telling me that it was when both of the hands were on the number 12. (looking back, that's probably how i learned how to tell time.)
i sat there in agony, watching the time slowly tick by.
dad couldn't understand why i was so upset. he was so clueless sometimes.
by the end of the day, i was seriously missing my momma.
i was laying on their bed, wearing her nightgown and watching him work on something in his office.
as soon as i heard her car pull into the driveway, i shot out the door yelling, "Mommy's home! Mommy's home!"
she got out of her car and said something to me (i don't remember what she said at all) and i promptly burst into tears, exclaiming, "Dad STARVED me!"
i'm sure that lent itself to an interesting conversation between them later.
in the end, he never changed his stance on no snacking.
and mom took to hiding little baggies of grapes, carrots and crackers in places that i could get to myself so i wouldn't 'starve.'
i never, EVER let him live this down.
when i would start in on him starving me, he would roll his eyes so hard i swore they were going to fall right out of his head.

despite all that, i really loved having him around.
he was there when i learned how to tie my shoes.
he was the one who found pet frogs for me while we were outside.
he was the one who showed me the wonder that is peanut butter toast.
as i got older, he got a job and mom stayed home. there were days that i didn't see him for longer than 15 minutes because of his commute.
i don't think i fully appreciated having that time with him until i was much older.
we were exceptionally close and i think that time may have had something to do with it.
i hope he knows how much it meant to me.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

this week.

cash likes to keep busy and when the weather is nice, it's a cinch.
we can spend hours upon hours outside and he's happy as a clam.
during the winter, it's a bit more of a challenge.
and since this is the first winter that i'll be at home, i decided that cash needed something to help keep him occupied.
thus, the plans to do at-home preschool was born.
i'm following (loosely) a curriculum i found online that focuses on a letter, number, shape/color and overall theme per week, in half hour chunks over 4 days. in addition, we're doing some sign language and simple spanish words just for kicks. (little known cash fact: he says boots [as in his rubber boots] in spanish. i called them botas one day and it stuck in his little brain. it's the cutest.)
i'm not gonna lie - putting all of this stuff together took me ages. towards the end i felt like i was in construction paper hell.

hopefully it will all be worth it.
last week was our first week of pre-school.
the first day he was totally into it for the full half hour. the second day he lasted about 20 minutes before asking to watch tap dancing videos (his reward for participating.) the third day was rough - 10 minutes in he was over it. i even tried to bribe him with sesame street videos about squares (which was the focus for the day.) 5 seconds into 'its hip to be square' and he was screaming. then again, that may just be because i was dancing and singing along. the fourth day involved finger painting so he was in like flynn.
and now i'm crossing my fingers and hoping he starts to enjoy it.

we hang all of his projects for the week here in his room.
each week i take everything down and start over.

eta: i found this video while i was searching youtube for 'number one' videos and it cracked me UP. and now i find myself saying, 'make it so, number one.' cash thinks i'm crazy.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

the walkies.

we've been having some beautiful, rain-free (albeit, freezing cold) weather lately so cash and i have been trying to spend as much time as possible outside.
lucky for us, we have lots of room to explore.
also, we'd be terrible hunters - we both lack the ability to walk through a forest quietly.
i think every animal within a ten mile radius ran for cover when they heard us crashing through.

Friday, December 9, 2011

the decorations.

this year is the first year that cash is showing any interest whatsoever in anything related to christmas.
when i busted out the decorations the other day, he immediately claimed my snow globe and light up christmas tree as his own.
it was pretty sweet.
today we're headed out to get our tree (nate FINALLY has a day off, woo!) and we're both pretty excited.
christmas is just the best.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

i swear this isn't going to turn into an 'all baby, all the time' thing.

but if i don't write this stuff down somewhere, i'll just forget:
- i get sick about every other morning but i dry heave every day (if that's too much information, i'm sorry.)
- i don't want to eat anything but breakfast food. it's a french toast party over here.
- i already look like i ate a big lunch (aka, i'm a little ummm....poochy down there) and it's a bit depressing.
- i could do with at least one nap during the day. which i never get because cash doesn't nap anymore. ever.
- i actually have days where i genuinely feel pretty good, which is different than last time. then again, last time i was a big crabby pants and i think i made myself worse subconciously.
- i also think i may be mellowing out because i let two (TWO) people touch my stomach the other day and i didn't punch either of them in the face. granted, it was two of my closest friends but one was safe from a throat punch last time.

taken last week. see? big lunch.

i had my first ultrasound today (an experience that i'm a little scarred from, not gonna lie. when she whipped the internal wand thing out, i thought i might faint.)
baby is measuring about 9 weeks with a strong heart beat at about 170.
so all is good in the ol' uterus.
(and before you whip out your 'baby girls have higher heart rates than boys' theory - cash's heart rate was between 165 and 175 my whole pregnancy. sorry heather!)  
and while i was pretty sure we were having a human, turns out we're having a snowman.

don't see it?

total snowman, am i right?

Monday, December 5, 2011

a couple of bums.

good days are sort of hit and miss around these parts...some days i feel so sick that i don't want to leave the couch.
which means that cash stays in his jammies pretty much all day.
i don't think it bothers him one bit but it makes me feel a little like a bum.
on the upside, its less laundry to wash.
there's always a silver lining, am i right?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

the third birthday.

this year we threw cash two little birthday parties, one with my family and one with nate's.
cash got really overwhelmed with so many people in our house last year so we thought this would be easier on him (which it was.)
i completely forgot to take pictures at the party with nate's family and these are really the only good ones i got from the other.
he wouldn't unwrap his presents (again) though he did have a blast throwing wadded up bits of paper at his uncle buck.
and he wouldn't touch his dirt cake, but did eat a couple of the gummy worms from the top (which i had completely expected.)
he got loads of awesome gifts but his favorite was art supplies from his aunt 'eesa' and uncle buck.
he literally hasn't stopped painting since.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

white christmas.

cash has always been a big fan of tap dancing.
one of his favorite disney movies is mary poppins (which, can i just say, for a kids movie it is RIDICULOUSLY long and frankly, kind of dull. and he loves it.)
so when i busted out the christmas movies it didn't take him long to fall in love with white christmas.
we've watched it dozens of times already and i couldn't be more fine with that.
because it? is my favorite movie of all time. seriously.
i've seen it probably a thousand times.
so little does cash know....everyone time he brings me that movie and asks, "watch? watch?" I'm pretty much going to say yes every time.
it's my weakness.