Monday, January 31, 2011

the humans keep the house too cold.


new realms of awesome.

who doesn't love vintage pictures of celebrities riding bikes?
because i sure do.

and in awesomely bad news...this really creeps me out.
granted, the illustrations are kind of fantastic.
but still - who is going to buy their kid this?

what did we DO before the internet?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

the house husband.

nate has been home alot more lately.
it's been 2 parts awesome, 1 part grating.
he's been helping out a TON around the house, which is where the awesome comes into play.
but a part of me (the OCD part) is starting to get really annoyed with him screwing with the 'system.'
you know, my laundry schedule, dinner rotations, bath nights...everything.
which makes me sound alot crazier than i really am - it's not like we live on a military schedule over here.
but i do have several routines that just work for me.
and he keeps screwing it up.
bless his sweet lil heart.

today kind of tipped the scale.
the last few weeks he's been going to the grocery store with cash and i (something he hasn't done since cash was an infant - for good reason.)
the first time we went, it was awesome. having someone else to entertain cash and help carry the bags in the house rocked.
the second time...was a little more challenging.
this last time?
i wanted to strangle him.
i asked him to go get cream cheese and then quickly went to get some stuff from the baking aisle. i turned around and he and cash had vanished.
so there i was, wandering the aisles at wal-mart, arms full of flour, sugar, cake mix and cupcake liners, wondering where the hell my husband was.
needless to say i wasn't pleased when i finally found him.
perhaps next week cash and i will go by ourselves.

not that i'm not incredibly thankful that i have washed only one sinkful of dishes in the last week.
i appreciate the hell out of that.
but i'm ready for my house husband to watch more football and get the hell out of my way.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

the pacer.

there isn't a whole lot about nate that drives me crazy.
ha! ok - that's a lie.
there's plenty about nate that makes me insane.
but my biggest pet peeve?
if nate is talking on the phone, he's pacing the house. period.
he moves from the kitchen, walks around the living room, into the bedroom and back again. constantly. NEVER STOPPING.
granted, he doesn't talk on the phone that often (generally.)
but when he does - you bet your ass he's pacing the floors.
there was one day that i actually made him sit (and then sat on him) in an attempt to stop the pacing.
he could barely form sentences.
the man has to pace.

the worst part about all this of course is that my dad used to do the very same thing.
i remember my mom wanting to lock their bedroom door to keep him contained.
having a phone with a cord isn't sounding like such a bad idea right now.

oh dear.

bueno bueno's key necklaces are crazy awesome.
i really want a custom one - hear that mr. crawford?
my birthday isn't THAT far away.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

my hand frequently smells like poop.

when you first become a parent, no one really tells you the nitty gritty details.
sure, they tell you about sleepless nights and tantrums but let's face it - that's all rainbows and unicorns compared to the truth.

no one tells you about momentarily contemplating bashing your newborns head into the wall just so you could get more than a half hour stretch of sleep.

no one tells you that you may briefly fantastize about leaving your howling 2 year old at wal-mart as you watch him throw your groceries into the persons cart behind you in line.

no one tells you that you'll be dodging stuffed animals aimed at your face AT ALL TIMES.

and no one told me that my hand would frequently smell like poop.
no matter how many times i've washed it, how many times i've sanitized, lotioned and then sanitized again - some days it will still smell like poop.
there's really nothing in life that can prepare you for that.

parenthood - ain't nothing like it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

the case of the whiner.

i like to think of myself as a champion whiner.
as in, if there was an olympic 'whiner' competition, i would totally get the gold.
(seriously - just ask my parents. and my husband. ahem.)

so it really should come as no surprise that cash is also an epic whiner.
frankly, i can't wait for him to start talking more just so i can hear the sort of complaints he comes up with (and so i can say, 'your mom INVENTED this sort of whining - your complaints will not work on me!)

we went on a little walk through the woods the other day and cash complained at virtually every step.
"hey cash, look! a bird!"
"hey cash, look at this funny stick!"
"oooh, cash look at the cows!"
[me to nate] "huh - so this is what it was like to be my dad. it's not so fun."

i can't wait until he's a teenager.

this was taken exactly one year ago today on a visit to see his cousin kahlea. his hair was INSANE. i love it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

the sickness.

since starting my new job and cash starting daycare, i've had four back to back colds. FOUR.
cash was the sickest he's ever been last week with a 102 degree temperature (the first fever he's ever had.)
i had to buy a thermometer and a battery operated nasal aspirator (which i didn't even know existed but it is HANDS DOWN the coolest thing ever. the amount of snot you can suck from a 2 year old's nose is unreal.)
i'm getting a little tired of living on mucinex and cough drops.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

snow day.

[[these were from several weekends ago - i've given up all hope on getting the rest of them edited and on here. maybe someday...when cash is 15.]]

Monday, January 3, 2011

yes, virginia - we really ARE that old.

it's a sad state of affairs in this house when we can barely make it till midnight.
made even sadder when we turn off dick clark's new year's rockin' eve because the music was annoying us (damn kids - its just noise!)
though - personally - i found it freaking HILARIOUS when kesha said her new year's resolution was to 'not date a douchebag.' a terrific resolution, if i do so say myself. made even more terrific because she said douchebag on national television.
anyhow, our new year's was a quiet one - we watched the rest of avatar (nerd alert - i LOVED it, which completely shocked me) and then read until the ball dropped.
suddenly, we're 75. how did THAT happen?

sunday we went up to silver falls and played in the snow.
quite possibly the most fun i've had in a long time - we plan on returning every weekend until there's no snow left to sled on :]

Saturday, January 1, 2011


i never make resolutions because let's face it - i'm not going to last 3 days.
but i really want to try cooking actual meals more - i got two new cookbooks for christmas and i'm pretty darn excited.
let's just see how long this lasts.

[[i should also try to not be such a dork with my webcam. doubt that will last either.]]