Thursday, January 20, 2011

my hand frequently smells like poop.

when you first become a parent, no one really tells you the nitty gritty details.
sure, they tell you about sleepless nights and tantrums but let's face it - that's all rainbows and unicorns compared to the truth.

no one tells you about momentarily contemplating bashing your newborns head into the wall just so you could get more than a half hour stretch of sleep.

no one tells you that you may briefly fantastize about leaving your howling 2 year old at wal-mart as you watch him throw your groceries into the persons cart behind you in line.

no one tells you that you'll be dodging stuffed animals aimed at your face AT ALL TIMES.

and no one told me that my hand would frequently smell like poop.
no matter how many times i've washed it, how many times i've sanitized, lotioned and then sanitized again - some days it will still smell like poop.
there's really nothing in life that can prepare you for that.

parenthood - ain't nothing like it.


  1. HILARIOUS Sarah... and so true! LOL!

  2. sigh...yeah poop is one of those smells that seems to sink into your pores...why can't chocolate do that?