Monday, January 17, 2011

the case of the whiner.

i like to think of myself as a champion whiner.
as in, if there was an olympic 'whiner' competition, i would totally get the gold.
(seriously - just ask my parents. and my husband. ahem.)

so it really should come as no surprise that cash is also an epic whiner.
frankly, i can't wait for him to start talking more just so i can hear the sort of complaints he comes up with (and so i can say, 'your mom INVENTED this sort of whining - your complaints will not work on me!)

we went on a little walk through the woods the other day and cash complained at virtually every step.
"hey cash, look! a bird!"
"hey cash, look at this funny stick!"
"oooh, cash look at the cows!"
[me to nate] "huh - so this is what it was like to be my dad. it's not so fun."

i can't wait until he's a teenager.

this was taken exactly one year ago today on a visit to see his cousin kahlea. his hair was INSANE. i love it.


  1. You realize of course that your Dad is totally laughing at this...

  2. Look at how little and still baby chubby he is! Awweee...they change so fast!