Thursday, January 27, 2011

the house husband.

nate has been home alot more lately.
it's been 2 parts awesome, 1 part grating.
he's been helping out a TON around the house, which is where the awesome comes into play.
but a part of me (the OCD part) is starting to get really annoyed with him screwing with the 'system.'
you know, my laundry schedule, dinner rotations, bath nights...everything.
which makes me sound alot crazier than i really am - it's not like we live on a military schedule over here.
but i do have several routines that just work for me.
and he keeps screwing it up.
bless his sweet lil heart.

today kind of tipped the scale.
the last few weeks he's been going to the grocery store with cash and i (something he hasn't done since cash was an infant - for good reason.)
the first time we went, it was awesome. having someone else to entertain cash and help carry the bags in the house rocked.
the second time...was a little more challenging.
this last time?
i wanted to strangle him.
i asked him to go get cream cheese and then quickly went to get some stuff from the baking aisle. i turned around and he and cash had vanished.
so there i was, wandering the aisles at wal-mart, arms full of flour, sugar, cake mix and cupcake liners, wondering where the hell my husband was.
needless to say i wasn't pleased when i finally found him.
perhaps next week cash and i will go by ourselves.

not that i'm not incredibly thankful that i have washed only one sinkful of dishes in the last week.
i appreciate the hell out of that.
but i'm ready for my house husband to watch more football and get the hell out of my way.

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  1. Count your blessings. I think the last time your Dad did dishes we were dating. Yea, fooled me because I thought he would keep doing it.