Friday, February 25, 2011

dinner time FAILURE.

dinner time is a bit of a challenge around these parts.
nate and i have completely conflicting schedules and by the time i get off work, cash has already eaten dinner.
which means i spend most nights slaving away in the kitchen making dinners days in advance.
because everybody loves re-heated leftovers, am i right?
(except for nate. he really is a pain in my ass, you know.)
in an effort to get the picky little monster to eat things other than peanut butter sandwiches and apple slices, i've been trying to branch out on what i cook for dinner.
i've had moderate successes (chicken and dumplings, rice pilaf and what basically amounted to noodle water with a hint of chicken.)
and i've had MAJOR successes (chicken noodle soup, potato bacon soup, carbonara, chicken fettuccini alfredo...if it has broth or heavy cream, i am THE MASTER.)
but tonight? i had an epic failure.
we love italian food around here (carbs are heaven) and i thought it would be fun to try potato gnocchi.
first off, i burned the shit out of my hand while peeling and mashing the baked potatoes.
once i added the flour i realized that i didn't get all the chunks out, so spent 10 cursed minutes freeing clumps of rock hard potato from the dough's clutches.
i sort of hit my groove rolling and forming, but my impatience got the best of me.
the recipe said to let the gnocchi rest for at least 10 minutes before throwing in the boiling water.
5 minutes is the new 10, right?
well, it's not.
i ended up with a steaming pile of clumpy, watery mashed potatoes.
which is now in my garbage.
guess who's having quesadillas for dinner tomorrow night?

[texting with nate during the gnocchi attempt]
me: gonna start making gnocchi - wish me luck!
nate good luck!

me: burned shit out of hand. you know potatoes that have been cooking in the oven for an hour are suuuper hot?
nate: um...ya?

me: needs one of those potato mashing thingys.

me: needs a sous chef.

me: needs some burn cream.
nate: you know, i am trying to work.
me: and?

me: utter failure. wasted 4 potatoes and an hour of my life. gnocchi HATE.
nate: sorry baby.

nate: so...quesadillas for dinner tomorrow?
me: shut up.

etsy never disappoints.

this has my heart.
and if i had any money, it would have my wallet too.
just another thing to add to the birthday wish list (too bad that's not until june...)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

conversations with the crawfords.

[after watching 17 again - which, in my defense, NATE put on the netflix list.]

me: well, that wasn't as terrible as i thought it was going to be. zac efron was actually rather believable.
nate: leslie mann is totally on my list. she's dreamy.
me: uh huh. i'm so glad you were listening....wait, is THAT why you put this on the netflix?
nate: .....i will neither confirm nor deny such an accusation.....
me: you're a terrible liar.
nate: i don't even care. she's a fox.
me: you're ridiculous.

[this morning, after i had been up since 6 am because the ONLY thing that will make me get up early is snow.]

me: [bounding into cash's room and throwing open the curtains] look cash, SNOW! it snowed last night, isn't it beautiful!?
cash: [blank death stare]
me: look it! pretty snow!
cash: [rolls eyes. seriously.]
me: whatever kid. snow is awesome.
cash: [lays back down and throws blanket over head.]
me: if you think that's going to stop me, you would be wrong. [pokes him and chants SNOW, SNOW, SNOW until he starts giggling] told you so - just wait until you're a teenager kiddo. then you're REALLY going to think i'm insane.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

oatmeal, extra raisins.

cash's embargo on 'all things with sugar' ended with one fresh-from-the-oven oatmeal raisin cookie.
one bite (which i offered and was surprised he took me up on - he never does) and he was done for.
two cookies later (TWO. therefore making it the most sugar he has consumed since the gingerbread house 'dot' incident,) and i knew i was in trouble.
he had several over the weekend (not spoiling his appetite one bit, mind you.)
and this morning he had one for breakfast (oatmeal? healthy! raisins? fruit! it totally passes as breakfast food, am i right?)
so this evening, as per our usual routine, he took me into the kitchen for his evening snack and headed straight for the cookie jar.
which was empty.
because i took the last cookie for my lunch.
don't tell him - he'll be pissed.
anyhow, when i opened the jar to show him it was empty, he looked at me like - what the hell woman?
apparently i need to keep them on hand at all times now.
not so good for momma's waistline.

cash has admittedly strange taste in food (and it's only going to get better - i am, after all, his mother aka queen of the picky-eaters club as a child) but i find it hilarious that cash's sensibilities mirror my dad's.
almost to a creepy extent.
dad's favorite cookie was oatmeal raisin.
dad looooved pepperoni sticks.
cash lives for pepperoni pizza (just hold the cheese, the sauce and the bread.)
dad loved popcorn (and was famous for his 'plums and popcorn' dinner speciality.)
we never run low on white cheddar popcorn because cash would lose his damn mind if we did.
in some ways, it's not so bad that dad isn't around - i don't know if he would be willing to share his cookies.

scratch that - he would have shared.
probably not so much.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

thursday thoughts.

this article was fascinating.
there's something so sweet and refreshing about this sudden return to domesticity happening across the nation.

(i for one, can't believe i just said that.)

(and yes, i can admit i followed every link and wasted copious amounts of time. this one was my favorite.)

(also, why are mormons always so thin? and happy looking? not that i'm trying to feed into any stereotypes but...seriously.)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the valentine.

first off - i think valentine's day is one of the most ridiculous holidays ever.
i'm not all that romantic to begin with, i think wasting a ton of money on flowers that are just going to die - especially at my hands - is nuts and the heart shaped boxes of chocolates always seem to be nothing but the nasty cherry-filled kind.
so when i got the 'valentine class list' from cash's daycare, i was less than enthused.
i mean, c'mon - these kids can't even read, what do they need valentine's for??
and then...he came home with this:

in case you were wondering, that's a PROFESSIONALY PRINTED valentine's card.
for a class full of 2 year olds.
with a GIANT picture of the kid on the other side.
am i the only person that thinks this is completely insane?
is the card cute?
would it be better suited as a valentine for a grandma who would actually LIKE a giant picture of said kid?
did this over-achieving mama totally get under my skin?

but...seriously...WHO DOES THAT?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

the jumper.

cash learned how to jump last weekend.
and it's been non-stop fun ever since.

Friday, February 11, 2011

outfit by target.

85% of my wardrobe is from target.
(actually...probably more like 90%.)
for me, it IS the mother ship.
if i was trapped on a deserted island and could only bring one thing, it would totally be a target.
we haven't had alot of money to spare around here (read:none) so my occasional target sprees have been put on an indefinite hold.
i was at the mothership a couple weeks back (getting stupid ol' diapers) when i spotted these:

quite literally, the shoes of my dreams.
i've been on a flats kick for the last year or so (which nate has been loudly complaining about) - i think mostly because i was on my feet all day at work and subjecting them to teetering around on heels on my off hours didn't sound like fun.
but now that i sit on my butt all day...ahhhh - i'm dreaming of heels again.
more specifically, these heels.
and make no mistake - someday, they WILL be mine.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

at 2 and some months.

- your hair went from being the perfect length to needing a hair cut (BAD) in about 5 minutes.
- apples are the new blueberries (seriously. you ate 3 the other day. and would have gladly eaten more except that i'm evil and wouldn't let you.)
- if you're quiet, 9 times out of 10 you are sitting in your room looking at books. it's your favorite thing to do.
- you know what else is your favorite thing to do? destroy the house. it's fun.
- you like to help me by sweeping. which means you take the broom and try to sweep the walls, knocking picture frames down in the process.
- you love to sing. we can't understand the words but the tune to the ABC's is unmistakable (as is the letters A, B, and C which you can say clear as day.) there's another little tune you sing alllll the time that your dad and i can't figure out but have made up our own words to. which brings me to my next point:
- we are nowhere near as cool as we used to be. in a few years, it's really going to get fun.
- you're getting more stubborn about falling asleep (you love going to bed, but it can take you over an hour to actually crash.)
- you are still (shamefully) drinking out of a bottle at night. i think i will have to cut your arms off to get you to give it up.
- you love sitting on your potty, but only if your fully dressed. shit hits the fan if we try to sit you on it pants-less (figuratively of course.)
- you would live outside if we let you. i am counting down the days until it is warm enough to stay outside for more than 10 minutes. if you could count, i'm sure you would be too.
- you're slowly talking more each day (and by talking, i mean making sounds that somewhat resemble actual english words. it's progress.)
- your favorite part about daycare is the play kitchen. and all the books. and the cute teacher that lets you hold her hand and sit in her lap, even though she's not even your teacher.

you're a sweet, sweet boy that never fails to make me laugh.
you hold my hand when i need it and give me kisses when i ask.
i love you buddy.
even though your dad and i are considering renaming you calvin and your sock monkey hobbes.

Monday, February 7, 2011

a conversation i wish my dad was here for.

nate: didn't you ever have a crush on any of your dad's friends?
[giving him a blank stare]
me: HA! are you serious?
nate: what?
me: oh you know...nothing says sexy like computer nerds and airplane geeks.
nate: oh...right.
me: you're hilarious.
nate: i don't know, he could have had some friends that weren't nerds!
me: heh heh heh...riiiight.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


my pregnant past self is pissed.
talk about 2 years too late.
home-made cheez-its? YES. YES PLEASE.

woody and buzz.

they have a special relationship.
the kind of relationship that calls for a taking a time out during play time to kiss.
they kiss.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

this is what happens when your toddler helps.

cash loves to help fold clothes.
and when i say help, i mean unfold everything i've already folded.
still, i like the company and he's awfully darn cute doing it.
it never really crossed my mind that this could get weird.

what's that in his hand, you say?
let's take a closer look, shall we?

yes everyone - that is my underwear.
i had left a basket of clothes in the hallway to put away when i got home and cash took it upon himself to fold all of my underwear while watching toy story.
just a little something to show the therapist when he's older.