Tuesday, February 8, 2011

at 2 and some months.

- your hair went from being the perfect length to needing a hair cut (BAD) in about 5 minutes.
- apples are the new blueberries (seriously. you ate 3 the other day. and would have gladly eaten more except that i'm evil and wouldn't let you.)
- if you're quiet, 9 times out of 10 you are sitting in your room looking at books. it's your favorite thing to do.
- you know what else is your favorite thing to do? destroy the house. it's fun.
- you like to help me by sweeping. which means you take the broom and try to sweep the walls, knocking picture frames down in the process.
- you love to sing. we can't understand the words but the tune to the ABC's is unmistakable (as is the letters A, B, and C which you can say clear as day.) there's another little tune you sing alllll the time that your dad and i can't figure out but have made up our own words to. which brings me to my next point:
- we are nowhere near as cool as we used to be. in a few years, it's really going to get fun.
- you're getting more stubborn about falling asleep (you love going to bed, but it can take you over an hour to actually crash.)
- you are still (shamefully) drinking out of a bottle at night. i think i will have to cut your arms off to get you to give it up.
- you love sitting on your potty, but only if your fully dressed. shit hits the fan if we try to sit you on it pants-less (figuratively of course.)
- you would live outside if we let you. i am counting down the days until it is warm enough to stay outside for more than 10 minutes. if you could count, i'm sure you would be too.
- you're slowly talking more each day (and by talking, i mean making sounds that somewhat resemble actual english words. it's progress.)
- your favorite part about daycare is the play kitchen. and all the books. and the cute teacher that lets you hold her hand and sit in her lap, even though she's not even your teacher.

you're a sweet, sweet boy that never fails to make me laugh.
you hold my hand when i need it and give me kisses when i ask.
i love you buddy.
even though your dad and i are considering renaming you calvin and your sock monkey hobbes.

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  1. Oh yea, he is Calvin. I remember your dad saying it would be hysterical if Cash turned out to be a version of him, little did we know...