Thursday, February 24, 2011

conversations with the crawfords.

[after watching 17 again - which, in my defense, NATE put on the netflix list.]

me: well, that wasn't as terrible as i thought it was going to be. zac efron was actually rather believable.
nate: leslie mann is totally on my list. she's dreamy.
me: uh huh. i'm so glad you were listening....wait, is THAT why you put this on the netflix?
nate: .....i will neither confirm nor deny such an accusation.....
me: you're a terrible liar.
nate: i don't even care. she's a fox.
me: you're ridiculous.

[this morning, after i had been up since 6 am because the ONLY thing that will make me get up early is snow.]

me: [bounding into cash's room and throwing open the curtains] look cash, SNOW! it snowed last night, isn't it beautiful!?
cash: [blank death stare]
me: look it! pretty snow!
cash: [rolls eyes. seriously.]
me: whatever kid. snow is awesome.
cash: [lays back down and throws blanket over head.]
me: if you think that's going to stop me, you would be wrong. [pokes him and chants SNOW, SNOW, SNOW until he starts giggling] told you so - just wait until you're a teenager kiddo. then you're REALLY going to think i'm insane.

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