Friday, February 25, 2011

dinner time FAILURE.

dinner time is a bit of a challenge around these parts.
nate and i have completely conflicting schedules and by the time i get off work, cash has already eaten dinner.
which means i spend most nights slaving away in the kitchen making dinners days in advance.
because everybody loves re-heated leftovers, am i right?
(except for nate. he really is a pain in my ass, you know.)
in an effort to get the picky little monster to eat things other than peanut butter sandwiches and apple slices, i've been trying to branch out on what i cook for dinner.
i've had moderate successes (chicken and dumplings, rice pilaf and what basically amounted to noodle water with a hint of chicken.)
and i've had MAJOR successes (chicken noodle soup, potato bacon soup, carbonara, chicken fettuccini alfredo...if it has broth or heavy cream, i am THE MASTER.)
but tonight? i had an epic failure.
we love italian food around here (carbs are heaven) and i thought it would be fun to try potato gnocchi.
first off, i burned the shit out of my hand while peeling and mashing the baked potatoes.
once i added the flour i realized that i didn't get all the chunks out, so spent 10 cursed minutes freeing clumps of rock hard potato from the dough's clutches.
i sort of hit my groove rolling and forming, but my impatience got the best of me.
the recipe said to let the gnocchi rest for at least 10 minutes before throwing in the boiling water.
5 minutes is the new 10, right?
well, it's not.
i ended up with a steaming pile of clumpy, watery mashed potatoes.
which is now in my garbage.
guess who's having quesadillas for dinner tomorrow night?

[texting with nate during the gnocchi attempt]
me: gonna start making gnocchi - wish me luck!
nate good luck!

me: burned shit out of hand. you know potatoes that have been cooking in the oven for an hour are suuuper hot?
nate: um...ya?

me: needs one of those potato mashing thingys.

me: needs a sous chef.

me: needs some burn cream.
nate: you know, i am trying to work.
me: and?

me: utter failure. wasted 4 potatoes and an hour of my life. gnocchi HATE.
nate: sorry baby.

nate: so...quesadillas for dinner tomorrow?
me: shut up.

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  1. Sarah, I have little burn marks all over my hands and wrists from burning myself whilst cooking. In my high school first aid class, the (really dorky) teacher said to keep a first aid kit in the kitchen. Totally ignored that advice, 27 years later, I am beginning to see his point. Sorry about the failure, sounded like a great recipe though!