Tuesday, February 22, 2011

oatmeal, extra raisins.

cash's embargo on 'all things with sugar' ended with one fresh-from-the-oven oatmeal raisin cookie.
one bite (which i offered and was surprised he took me up on - he never does) and he was done for.
two cookies later (TWO. therefore making it the most sugar he has consumed since the gingerbread house 'dot' incident,) and i knew i was in trouble.
he had several over the weekend (not spoiling his appetite one bit, mind you.)
and this morning he had one for breakfast (oatmeal? healthy! raisins? fruit! it totally passes as breakfast food, am i right?)
so this evening, as per our usual routine, he took me into the kitchen for his evening snack and headed straight for the cookie jar.
which was empty.
because i took the last cookie for my lunch.
don't tell him - he'll be pissed.
anyhow, when i opened the jar to show him it was empty, he looked at me like - what the hell woman?
apparently i need to keep them on hand at all times now.
not so good for momma's waistline.

cash has admittedly strange taste in food (and it's only going to get better - i am, after all, his mother aka queen of the picky-eaters club as a child) but i find it hilarious that cash's sensibilities mirror my dad's.
almost to a creepy extent.
dad's favorite cookie was oatmeal raisin.
dad looooved pepperoni sticks.
cash lives for pepperoni pizza (just hold the cheese, the sauce and the bread.)
dad loved popcorn (and was famous for his 'plums and popcorn' dinner speciality.)
we never run low on white cheddar popcorn because cash would lose his damn mind if we did.
in some ways, it's not so bad that dad isn't around - i don't know if he would be willing to share his cookies.

scratch that - he would have shared.
probably not so much.


  1. you make me feel all goose-bumpy.
    and i love it!

  2. Oatmeal raisin cookies = breakfast? Sure in your world. Reminds me of Bill Cosby and his chocolate cake. "Eggs, flour and milk" all nutritious. Just add the something 'breakfasty' to drink...grapefruit juice!!!

    ha...ha...love ya