Friday, February 11, 2011

outfit by target.

85% of my wardrobe is from target.
(actually...probably more like 90%.)
for me, it IS the mother ship.
if i was trapped on a deserted island and could only bring one thing, it would totally be a target.
we haven't had alot of money to spare around here (read:none) so my occasional target sprees have been put on an indefinite hold.
i was at the mothership a couple weeks back (getting stupid ol' diapers) when i spotted these:

quite literally, the shoes of my dreams.
i've been on a flats kick for the last year or so (which nate has been loudly complaining about) - i think mostly because i was on my feet all day at work and subjecting them to teetering around on heels on my off hours didn't sound like fun.
but now that i sit on my butt all day...ahhhh - i'm dreaming of heels again.
more specifically, these heels.
and make no mistake - someday, they WILL be mine.

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