Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the valentine.

first off - i think valentine's day is one of the most ridiculous holidays ever.
i'm not all that romantic to begin with, i think wasting a ton of money on flowers that are just going to die - especially at my hands - is nuts and the heart shaped boxes of chocolates always seem to be nothing but the nasty cherry-filled kind.
so when i got the 'valentine class list' from cash's daycare, i was less than enthused.
i mean, c'mon - these kids can't even read, what do they need valentine's for??
and then...he came home with this:

in case you were wondering, that's a PROFESSIONALY PRINTED valentine's card.
for a class full of 2 year olds.
with a GIANT picture of the kid on the other side.
am i the only person that thinks this is completely insane?
is the card cute?
would it be better suited as a valentine for a grandma who would actually LIKE a giant picture of said kid?
did this over-achieving mama totally get under my skin?

but...seriously...WHO DOES THAT?


  1. oh, my. Just wait. Elementary school moms are even WORSE! My son is in 1st grade and I cant tell you how much dang candy filled "goody bags" he has in the kitchen. Its a huge contest, and it sucks. Refuse to participate. I get one box of 1 dollar valentine's, no candy taped to it, signed with each kid's name. Done :)

  2. The same mothers who make their kids cupcakes with all organic, locally sourced, petroleum product free ingredients tenderly wrapped in hand made and painted cupcake wrappers.Never mind that they taste like trash.......! And a picture of the kid who probably drools snot on Cash and takes his toys???? maybe they know that their kid can't compete with Cash in the cute department, so make up for it with over-the-top cards!