Thursday, February 17, 2011

thursday thoughts.

this article was fascinating.
there's something so sweet and refreshing about this sudden return to domesticity happening across the nation.

(i for one, can't believe i just said that.)

(and yes, i can admit i followed every link and wasted copious amounts of time. this one was my favorite.)

(also, why are mormons always so thin? and happy looking? not that i'm trying to feed into any stereotypes but...seriously.)


  1. The white couch and the baby with the poopy diaper was my fave. Really who buys a white couch when you have kids? Or for any reason?

  2. Sarah
    Have you checked out this one???
    she lives in Portland and does a ton of crafting.
    She's also very sweet, I've met her once.

    Amy (Schneider)Perry