Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

flower child.

cash is incredibly diverse in his interests, which i LOVE.
he's very much a boy who loves to rough-house, play with trains and cars and can throw a perfect spiral.
but he also has a sweet little feminine side that thinks wearing flowers in his hair is fun and loves to tap dance.
i'm starting to realize that cash is way cooler than i'll ever be.

Friday, March 25, 2011

boy smooches.

cash had his wellness check-up yesterday.
i'm pretty sure i'm never going to be able to get him to go into a doctor's office without him freaking the hell out.
the high point was the nurse not believing he weighs 40 pounds (nate asked her if she'd like to hold him to confirm - she didn't take him up on the offer.) we put him on the scale 3 separate times and yup - he weighs 40 pounds. and he's 3' 2" tall. and when the doctor asked if we had any concerns about his diet, we laughed.
the low point was the doctor sharing our fears about him not communicating more. so we've got appointments for a hearing test and with a developmental pediatrician.
nate's freaking out about it. i can't say that i blame him, but i'm avoiding thinking about it.
i'm really good at that.

and that is cash pulling his newest 'i'm the sweetest boy on the block' trick. he likes to give me kisses through the windows. when i leave for work on the days nate has him, he always gives me a kiss through the window on our back door. melts mah little black heart.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

this week.

it's been a month since i downloaded pictures from my camera (clearly, since this was back when we were knee deep in winter weather.)

and here's what's been going on in our life lately...

-- nate and i went on a double date for the first time in a loooooong time (thanks lee and heather - except for that oyster i ate, we had a blast!) sometimes i forget that we're people outside of being cash's parents...this date was perfect timing.

-- cash got his shots updated last week. it was by far the worst 'shots' experience we've had. holding him down while he screamed scarred all 3 of us. cash took a swing at the nurse when we were done, which highly offended her. i really wanted to say, 'look - if you had just used my arm as a pin cushion, i'd freaking take a swing at you too lady.' something tells me she wouldn't have been amused. the whole trip was forgotten with a quick trip to jamba (he's easily distracted by smoothies.)

-- mom put an offer on a house that was accepted. i want nothing more than for her to be able to move forward with life but i have mixed feelings about leaving the house i grew up in behind. granted, it will be some time before that happens but still...it's hard to think about.

-- i'm ready for spring. i can make my peace with the rain most of the time but it seems like it hasn't let up at all lately. i'm ready for outside playtime. for realsies.

-- cash is into reading now more than ever. he recently discovered the library and about lost his mind.

-- we got this for cash for easter. it's so beautiful and well made that i almost don't want to let him play with it.

-- i died my hair this last week. it's....red. i think i like it most of the time. except in fluorescent lighting i look a bit like ariel.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

cash in march.

-- you're (FINALLY) losing some of your demon-like qualities. and replacing it with monster stubborness.

-- most days the only way you'll talk is by singing. you sing all day long - sometimes silly little made up tunes, mixed with a lot of the abc song and a song about slippery fish you learned a daycare. it's the cutest.

-- speaking of talking, you're doing it more and more each day. you started saying 'hi' and 'bye' (frankly, they sound almost exactly the same. i tell people you're just confusing it with 'aloha.') and you say 'whose that?' for eeeeeeeverything. it sounds more like 'is that?' and the more you say it, the more you get this adorable little twang. makes me laugh.

-- uncle raymond is going to make a killing off of us this fall because the number of apples you eat in a week is ASTOUNDING.

-- you're suddenly fascinated by cars and want to play with them all the time (which is a nice change from playing catch all the live-long day.)

-- you're picky. about everything.

-- movies are no longer where it's at. you think reading is more fun (i tend to agree.)

-- you're starting to go stir crazy being stuck inside all day. it needs to stop raining so your little nature boy self can play outside again.

-- your obsession with tap dancing is still going strong (i youtubed moses supposes several months back and you've been hooked ever since.)

.....and you're currently refusing to sleep - you're singing the abc's at the top of your lungs. never a dull moment with you, kiddo.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


had a terrible day at work (though i am learning interesting and inventive new curse words courtesy of some lovely customers) and am currently avoiding doing anything responsible.
you know, like tackling the mountain of dishes in the sink or picking up the war zone that is our living room - nope, not doing a damn bit of it.
instead i'm snuggled up on the couch wasting as much time as possible online.
and looking at pictures of this cute boy:

[[and the title, you ask? a customer actually used that word in a sentence the other day. and while i sort of (ok, a lot) wanted to reach through the phone and strangle said person...i also kind of loved that they were so pissed off they made up a word as awesome as moron-i-tude.]]


I could happily fill our house with pictures from the beach.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

random naptime thoughts.

-- nate admits he may have overreacted about the whole 'speech therapy' thing. i laughed.

-- i really wish i was better at braiding my own hair, but i'm totally going to attempt this. braids are too fun. (amanda may need to be involved. she is my hair stylist after all.)

-- who doesn't love old photos of super stylish women? i wasted far too much time on there.

-- i'm thinking the easter bunny may be bringing this for cash. because nothing says easter like medevial weaponry. good thing dad's not around because i would have had to buy him one too.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


nate has always been the 'new mom' in terms of cash's health, from day one.
he's always obsessed about his develoment, almost to a manic state.
not that i don't worry about it too - but for the most part i just know that he is going to do things at his own pace and he'll get there.
he's a bit of a late bloomer as it is - he was born a week late, crawled late, walked late, even got teeth late.
so it should come as no surprise that he is getting a hang of this whole talking game late too.
i'm not going to lie - it is starting to sort of worry me.
but for nate, it's terrifying him.
to the point where he's set up appointments with a speech therapist, started googling 'apple poisoning' (don't ask - it's so not a real thing) and lost sleep over the possiblity of something being wrong with him.
i'm on board with him to do whatever we can to help him start talking.
yes, a part of me thinks that he is going to walk into the speech therapist's office and say, "look lady - i can talk. i choose not to because i like to annoy the hell out of my parents, ok?"
but another part of me is worried that we're going to find out something we don't want to hear.
at the same time...if there is something wrong, so what?
is it going to change who he is to me? hell no.
he's still going to be that sweet, toothy-grinned boy that makes me laugh and gives me kisses.
is him having a learning problem a possiblity? sure is.
but so is the possiblity of him getting leukemia. or breaking an arm. or having mono.
he may end up being brought home by the cops when he's 13. or spend more time in the principals office then in class.
he may fail school. he may screw up his job.
it's a possibility he'll marry a girl i can't stand. or a boy i hate for that matter.
he may ignore my phone calls and want to spend time with anyone but me.
and a million other things that don't go 'according to plan.'
and i can't plan for a single one of them.

you know what? that's fine.
because i love this boy, more than anything else in this entire world.
and nothing will change that.