Friday, March 25, 2011

boy smooches.

cash had his wellness check-up yesterday.
i'm pretty sure i'm never going to be able to get him to go into a doctor's office without him freaking the hell out.
the high point was the nurse not believing he weighs 40 pounds (nate asked her if she'd like to hold him to confirm - she didn't take him up on the offer.) we put him on the scale 3 separate times and yup - he weighs 40 pounds. and he's 3' 2" tall. and when the doctor asked if we had any concerns about his diet, we laughed.
the low point was the doctor sharing our fears about him not communicating more. so we've got appointments for a hearing test and with a developmental pediatrician.
nate's freaking out about it. i can't say that i blame him, but i'm avoiding thinking about it.
i'm really good at that.

and that is cash pulling his newest 'i'm the sweetest boy on the block' trick. he likes to give me kisses through the windows. when i leave for work on the days nate has him, he always gives me a kiss through the window on our back door. melts mah little black heart.

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