Tuesday, March 15, 2011

cash in march.

-- you're (FINALLY) losing some of your demon-like qualities. and replacing it with monster stubborness.

-- most days the only way you'll talk is by singing. you sing all day long - sometimes silly little made up tunes, mixed with a lot of the abc song and a song about slippery fish you learned a daycare. it's the cutest.

-- speaking of talking, you're doing it more and more each day. you started saying 'hi' and 'bye' (frankly, they sound almost exactly the same. i tell people you're just confusing it with 'aloha.') and you say 'whose that?' for eeeeeeeverything. it sounds more like 'is that?' and the more you say it, the more you get this adorable little twang. makes me laugh.

-- uncle raymond is going to make a killing off of us this fall because the number of apples you eat in a week is ASTOUNDING.

-- you're suddenly fascinated by cars and want to play with them all the time (which is a nice change from playing catch all the live-long day.)

-- you're picky. about everything.

-- movies are no longer where it's at. you think reading is more fun (i tend to agree.)

-- you're starting to go stir crazy being stuck inside all day. it needs to stop raining so your little nature boy self can play outside again.

-- your obsession with tap dancing is still going strong (i youtubed moses supposes several months back and you've been hooked ever since.)

.....and you're currently refusing to sleep - you're singing the abc's at the top of your lungs. never a dull moment with you, kiddo.


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