Tuesday, March 8, 2011


had a terrible day at work (though i am learning interesting and inventive new curse words courtesy of some lovely customers) and am currently avoiding doing anything responsible.
you know, like tackling the mountain of dishes in the sink or picking up the war zone that is our living room - nope, not doing a damn bit of it.
instead i'm snuggled up on the couch wasting as much time as possible online.
and looking at pictures of this cute boy:

[[and the title, you ask? a customer actually used that word in a sentence the other day. and while i sort of (ok, a lot) wanted to reach through the phone and strangle said person...i also kind of loved that they were so pissed off they made up a word as awesome as moron-i-tude.]]

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  1. haha, moronitude...thats awesome! sorry about the crap day!!!