Sunday, March 6, 2011

random naptime thoughts.

-- nate admits he may have overreacted about the whole 'speech therapy' thing. i laughed.

-- i really wish i was better at braiding my own hair, but i'm totally going to attempt this. braids are too fun. (amanda may need to be involved. she is my hair stylist after all.)

-- who doesn't love old photos of super stylish women? i wasted far too much time on there.

-- i'm thinking the easter bunny may be bringing this for cash. because nothing says easter like medevial weaponry. good thing dad's not around because i would have had to buy him one too.

1 comment:

  1. Be happy that Nate doesn't just dump the worries on you about Cash's health like so many other dads out there. Is he excessive? Maybe, but in my book it is okay.

    Oh, and yes your Dad would have wanted an Easter gift like his grandson's...