Wednesday, March 23, 2011

this week.

it's been a month since i downloaded pictures from my camera (clearly, since this was back when we were knee deep in winter weather.)

and here's what's been going on in our life lately...

-- nate and i went on a double date for the first time in a loooooong time (thanks lee and heather - except for that oyster i ate, we had a blast!) sometimes i forget that we're people outside of being cash's parents...this date was perfect timing.

-- cash got his shots updated last week. it was by far the worst 'shots' experience we've had. holding him down while he screamed scarred all 3 of us. cash took a swing at the nurse when we were done, which highly offended her. i really wanted to say, 'look - if you had just used my arm as a pin cushion, i'd freaking take a swing at you too lady.' something tells me she wouldn't have been amused. the whole trip was forgotten with a quick trip to jamba (he's easily distracted by smoothies.)

-- mom put an offer on a house that was accepted. i want nothing more than for her to be able to move forward with life but i have mixed feelings about leaving the house i grew up in behind. granted, it will be some time before that happens but's hard to think about.

-- i'm ready for spring. i can make my peace with the rain most of the time but it seems like it hasn't let up at all lately. i'm ready for outside playtime. for realsies.

-- cash is into reading now more than ever. he recently discovered the library and about lost his mind.

-- we got this for cash for easter. it's so beautiful and well made that i almost don't want to let him play with it.

-- i died my hair this last week. it' i think i like it most of the time. except in fluorescent lighting i look a bit like ariel.

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