Sunday, April 10, 2011


i had to get weighed when i was at the doctor's last week.
when i saw the number that popped onto the digital screen, i almost fainted.
not gonna lie.
now, if i'm truly being honest, it's only about 5 (ish) pounds up from before i had cash.
when i was nursing, i lost quite a bit of weight, getting down to less than i had started out as, but the moment i stopped, the pounds found me again. (dammit.)
after seeing that number, part of me wants to start working out.
then i spend an afternoon carrying a squirming, thrashing 40 pound toddler the entire length of our quarter mile driveway (not unlike trying to wrestle a buffalo in mud) and think that i'm not in such bad shape.
granted, i spent the rest of the evening on the couch, barely able to move.
but that's not the point.
also, i should probably stop eating so many cadbury mini eggs (confession #2: i've bought, like....a dozen bags this year. SHAME.)
but i'm pretty sure that's not going to happen :]


  1. The Cadbury mini egg season is so short, and then you will have the rest of the year to lose the weight. At least this is how I am consoling myself as I realize I have gained three pounds since I bought that first innocent bag!

  2. i'm so glad i'm not alone! (as i sit here, munching on a handful...sigh.)

  3. I have two of those bags of cad eggs in my house right now...and not in their complete state either! Sarah I think you are looking HAWT! I was actually thinking angry thoughts at your always cute little body the last time we were together! heehee...something like 'grummble losing weight painfully slow ... grumble, grummmble and sarah's this cute little perfect shape and she's even had a kid... grumble, grumble...' ha!