Saturday, April 2, 2011

let's panic about babies.

this book is on my must-read list.
because it basically sounds like the most awesome parenting book ever known to man.
also because it will make me feel somewhat normal when cash's doctor asks us lame questions like, "do you have baby gates for all your stairways?" and i wanted to answer, "no - we like to live dangerously."
or when she asked about his diet and i wanted to reply with, "twinkies are a major food group, right?"
and when she asked about how much tv he watches i wanted to say, "ohhh, about 10 hours a day. and then i throw him into a box filled with broken glass and hypodermic needles to play. that's ok, right?"


  1. Ha! And then you chain him up outside with some water and a stick or two for playtime rain or shine, right?!!

  2. If you get this book, I want to read it after you. Will it tell me where I went wrong??? :)

  3. hey!! i turned out AWESOME.