Tuesday, May 31, 2011


i'm a total library junkie.
i have a hard time not checking out a dozen books a time.
and the children's book section literally makes me squeal with glee.
so when i saw jen lancaster had part 1 of her summer reading list out, you bet your ass i went straight to the library's website to put them on hold.
so. excited.

the books i've gotten for cash have been hit and miss.
right now he's all about books with cows in them (he started saying cow after i got him the book about cows that type - it's been sort of a recurring theme ever since.)

but this is by far the best book we've gotten from the library.

followed closely by this one about a little girl pilot.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

ebb and flow

we've got lots of things changing in our life right now.
nate starts a new job in a week, one that he's been hoping for for months now.
and for that, we couldn't be more excited.
but it's going to mean major schedule changes around here because he'll likely be working graveyard.
my current employer is a bitch and isn't being real cooperative when it comes to my new schedule needs so i'm needing to find a new job, stat. (which is fine, because honestly i really hate that place. like, alot.)
in the meantime, scheduling people to pick cash up from daycare (they close before i'm off work) is a NIGHTMARE. my mom is way too awesome and has volunteered but i hate asking so much from her.
so right now i'm feeling sullen and defeated.
not exactly what it takes for interesting blogging.
hopefully i'll be back to normal soon.

stole this from mom - i haven't picked up my camera in at least a week. SHAME.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

wish list.

my birthday is coming up soon (i'm going to be 85. or at least some days it feels like it.) and if that's not a good reason to do a little online shopping, i don't know what is.

this is really quite lovely.


ever since cash's silhouette mother's day gift, i've become a little obsessed.

you bet your ass i want this. duh.

this rocks my socks.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wherein i decide to egg a doctor's house.

we had an appointment scheduled today for cash with an audiologist.
i took the day off work, woke up early, packed emergency snacks only to get a call 2 hours before the appointment that the doctor had called in sick.
you know, the doctor that it took over 2 months to get an appointment with.
and so we had to re-schedule.
needless to say, that doctor better be on her death bed.
cause i'm half-way tempted to hunt her down and egg her house.

and in strange news, we've had 3 birds inside our house in 2 weeks.
the first time, i went to sit in our couch and realized that there was a bird sitting on it.
after chasing it around the house for 10 minutes i finally captured it in a towel and set it free.
cash wanted to keep it (he pet him and tried to give him a kiss.) piper wanted to eat him (she even managed to step on him at one point.) and the ferrets were NOT amused when the bird chose their cage as a perch.
once i opened the door and let him fly away, cash grabbed the towel from me and said, "where is it? where is it?" i think he now thinks i'm a magician.

the second time, mom was watching cash for a little bit while we went to a meeting when she discovered a bird inside.
this time cash freaked out and mom had to trap it between our front door and the screen door.
by the time we got home to set him free, the poor bird was terrified but flew away just fine.

at first, i was at a loss as to how these birds keep on ending up inside.
i even considered the theory that piper was a magician and was conjuring them up so she could have something to play with.
but the second time we found a bird, piper was outside.
so then i started thinking that maybe the house is just producing them.
but right now, i can hear the third bird flapping around inside the woodstove.
mystery solved.
upon further inspection, this bird looks an awful lot like the other two...it's either a coincidence or this is the same bird that REALLY wants to live inside.
between the snakes in the basement, birds in the house and raccoons in the attic, the animals near our house must think we're super awesome.

also? cash and i were looking at the blog (it's one of his favorite things to do) and he said 'gnome.' my little mumma heart swelled with pride! almost makes up for the fact that he says 'lisa' and 'manda' but still hasn't mastered 'mom.'

Thursday, May 19, 2011

and then there was cash.

i'm stubborn.
no point in candy coating anything - i'm as bull headed as they come.
and nate is no exception.
in fact, he was the first person i had ever met that was equally as stubborn as i am (which makes arguing EPIC around here.)
so really, it should come as no surprise that we have created the superhero of stubborness: cash.
because there is stubborn.
and there is will power.
there's even headstrong.
but then there was cash, a creature that defies all description.
there are some days that i literally watch him in awe, tempted to take notes at the lengths he will go to not do something.
it's unreal.
and it's going to really suck in a few years.

Monday, May 16, 2011

cousins - part deux.

for the past year and half, kahlea has been the coolest kid on the block to cash.
he loved playing with her, showered her with kisses and was pretty much the sweetest boy.
and then she started walking. and getting into his toys. and she suddenly wasn't so cool anymore.
last week we girl-napped her for the day (and by we, i mean i.) we were over at mom's new house getting it ready to paint.
and of the 6 hours that she was with us, her and cash got along for about an hour and a half of it. including their nap time.
fighting over toys, fighting over the dump truck, fighting over me - it was exhausting.
cash would push her. she would push right back (not gonna lie - i love that she takes no crap from him. she needs to be tough, he's got 22 lbs on her!)
i have a feeling that they are going to be torturing each other for years to come.

after a long day of bugging the crap out of each other.

apparently cash is all about the babies because he and liam? bff's.

he likes him so much he felt the need to lick him too, i guess.
cousins are the best.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

major awesome-ness ahead.

because, let's be honest - what's cuter than a little boy in heels?

that's what.
and if i had a dump truck to drive around, i'd totally wear heels doing it too.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


summer can't come fast enough y'all.
this boy needs some outside time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

what the mother?

mother's day was a mish mash of crazy.
i got to sleep in (sorta.) nate got up with cash but had a bath-related emergency that required back-up.
we went out for brunch with mom and lisa which was a bit disasterous. (lis - next year, I pick the place.)
nate had to work after that and cash was cranky so it was off to bed for him, where he slept for an unnaturally long time.
(which should have been a harbinger for what was in store for me the next two days, spending my days with a puking, over-heated, grumpy little sick monster.)
i snuck in a glorious, GLORIOUS 2 hour nap.
and then we spent the rest of the day painting at mom's new house.
not a perfect day in anyway, but i did manage to avoid doing anything productive at home.
i'll call that a win.

i'll also call this a win:

a gorgeous necklace from nate for mother's day.
nate has always had pretty good taste in fashion (too good sometimes - he is always quick to point out when i'm wearing something he doesn't deem 'flattering.' it's annoying as hell.)
in any case, he's always been the master at picking out jewelry and this year he didn't disappoint.
i love it, even though it's something i probably would have never picked out myself.
now i just have to do some shopping for an outfit to go with it!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

animal talk.

rumor has it, milk comes from those big smelly things.

frankly, i don't believe it.

and these are sheep? don't worry kid, i think that's them that smells, not you.

either way, i'm out of here.

Friday, May 6, 2011

a conversation with the crawfords: uncomfortable edition.

[nate and i in the kitchen, having a conversation that is frighteningly inappropriate. and no, i'm not going to tell you. my grandma reads this blog. so no.]

nate, chuckling: this cracks me up.
me: what does?
nate: this. us! this conversation we're having. i feel like we should have a camera crew following us around.
me: oh honey...i feel like that every day.

and its true - i do.
because we have a special brand of crazy around these parts, y'all.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

likely to take a hostage.

that's pretty much my mantra at work.
to say i barely tolerate this job would be a massive understatement.
but more on that later.

Monday, May 2, 2011

aunt - round 2.

nate's brother had his baby boy yesterday (well...he didn't technically but you know what i mean.)
welcome to the world liam nathan crawford - we love you!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

easter, year 3.

this year:

he was completely un-interested in his easter basket (again.)

he was mostly just excited to be outside (and to have escaped a diaper change to search for eggs.)

he let his aunt do all the dirty work for him.

at least at first.

but he was totally into the hunt.

and he was the one who found the last egg that all the older kids missed.