Thursday, May 19, 2011

and then there was cash.

i'm stubborn.
no point in candy coating anything - i'm as bull headed as they come.
and nate is no exception.
in fact, he was the first person i had ever met that was equally as stubborn as i am (which makes arguing EPIC around here.)
so really, it should come as no surprise that we have created the superhero of stubborness: cash.
because there is stubborn.
and there is will power.
there's even headstrong.
but then there was cash, a creature that defies all description.
there are some days that i literally watch him in awe, tempted to take notes at the lengths he will go to not do something.
it's unreal.
and it's going to really suck in a few years.


  1. Oh Sarah! I am so sorry! Someday,that will work in his favor!!

  2. You do know what they say about payback...