Sunday, May 29, 2011

ebb and flow

we've got lots of things changing in our life right now.
nate starts a new job in a week, one that he's been hoping for for months now.
and for that, we couldn't be more excited.
but it's going to mean major schedule changes around here because he'll likely be working graveyard.
my current employer is a bitch and isn't being real cooperative when it comes to my new schedule needs so i'm needing to find a new job, stat. (which is fine, because honestly i really hate that place. like, alot.)
in the meantime, scheduling people to pick cash up from daycare (they close before i'm off work) is a NIGHTMARE. my mom is way too awesome and has volunteered but i hate asking so much from her.
so right now i'm feeling sullen and defeated.
not exactly what it takes for interesting blogging.
hopefully i'll be back to normal soon.

stole this from mom - i haven't picked up my camera in at least a week. SHAME.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE that lil shirt! I am praying for a way cool job with way good schedule!!!! way fast...