Tuesday, May 10, 2011

what the mother?

mother's day was a mish mash of crazy.
i got to sleep in (sorta.) nate got up with cash but had a bath-related emergency that required back-up.
we went out for brunch with mom and lisa which was a bit disasterous. (lis - next year, I pick the place.)
nate had to work after that and cash was cranky so it was off to bed for him, where he slept for an unnaturally long time.
(which should have been a harbinger for what was in store for me the next two days, spending my days with a puking, over-heated, grumpy little sick monster.)
i snuck in a glorious, GLORIOUS 2 hour nap.
and then we spent the rest of the day painting at mom's new house.
not a perfect day in anyway, but i did manage to avoid doing anything productive at home.
i'll call that a win.

i'll also call this a win:

a gorgeous necklace from nate for mother's day.
nate has always had pretty good taste in fashion (too good sometimes - he is always quick to point out when i'm wearing something he doesn't deem 'flattering.' it's annoying as hell.)
in any case, he's always been the master at picking out jewelry and this year he didn't disappoint.
i love it, even though it's something i probably would have never picked out myself.
now i just have to do some shopping for an outfit to go with it!


  1. Oh I like it! He is kind of like grandpa Tom in that he has that 'fashion' sense.

  2. Well done, Nate! Don't you love gifts that require new clothes to go with them? Hope Cash is better soon!