Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wherein i decide to egg a doctor's house.

we had an appointment scheduled today for cash with an audiologist.
i took the day off work, woke up early, packed emergency snacks only to get a call 2 hours before the appointment that the doctor had called in sick.
you know, the doctor that it took over 2 months to get an appointment with.
and so we had to re-schedule.
needless to say, that doctor better be on her death bed.
cause i'm half-way tempted to hunt her down and egg her house.

and in strange news, we've had 3 birds inside our house in 2 weeks.
the first time, i went to sit in our couch and realized that there was a bird sitting on it.
after chasing it around the house for 10 minutes i finally captured it in a towel and set it free.
cash wanted to keep it (he pet him and tried to give him a kiss.) piper wanted to eat him (she even managed to step on him at one point.) and the ferrets were NOT amused when the bird chose their cage as a perch.
once i opened the door and let him fly away, cash grabbed the towel from me and said, "where is it? where is it?" i think he now thinks i'm a magician.

the second time, mom was watching cash for a little bit while we went to a meeting when she discovered a bird inside.
this time cash freaked out and mom had to trap it between our front door and the screen door.
by the time we got home to set him free, the poor bird was terrified but flew away just fine.

at first, i was at a loss as to how these birds keep on ending up inside.
i even considered the theory that piper was a magician and was conjuring them up so she could have something to play with.
but the second time we found a bird, piper was outside.
so then i started thinking that maybe the house is just producing them.
but right now, i can hear the third bird flapping around inside the woodstove.
mystery solved.
upon further inspection, this bird looks an awful lot like the other's either a coincidence or this is the same bird that REALLY wants to live inside.
between the snakes in the basement, birds in the house and raccoons in the attic, the animals near our house must think we're super awesome.

also? cash and i were looking at the blog (it's one of his favorite things to do) and he said 'gnome.' my little mumma heart swelled with pride! almost makes up for the fact that he says 'lisa' and 'manda' but still hasn't mastered 'mom.'

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