Sunday, June 26, 2011


i'm not exactly at the top of my game in the morning.
and neither is cash.
so it makes for some iffy moments around here when nate gets home from work and cash and i are in zombie mode on the couch.
yesterday, it spelled disaster.
i was nursing a cup of coffee and a scone, cash was trying desperately to watch his cartoons sans interuptions and nate was just trying to get some attention.
he playfully tossed a pillow at cash, who was NOT amused.
suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, i spotted a pillow sailing in my direction, knocking my almost full cup out of my hand and onto the computer.
i'm going to let that sink in for a moment.
coffee. on. computer.
good thing i was half asleep, otherwise i really would have freaked the hell out.
after a full day sitting in a bed of rice, the computer came out unscathed.
except now it smells like vanilla creamer.
anyone know if there is a market for scratch-n-sniff laptops?

cause this kid is all over it.

Friday, June 24, 2011

dirty dancing.

cash loves to dance.
and he caught the beginning of dirty dancing the other day and was TRANSFIXED.
(his favorite was penny, the blonde. duh.)
it even inspired him to bust out some new moves.

he's the cutest.

[[pardon the video being sideways, i've never video-d on my phone before.]]

Thursday, June 23, 2011

a wreck.

so i think i'm pretty damn funny.
actually, i think i'm fucking hilarious.
but lately, i've been feeling off my game.
perhaps because i'm feeling overwhelmed, tired, pissed off, defeated...or maybe all of the above.
or maybe it's because the crazy crap that always seems to happen to me (and which i used to think is funny) now just exhausts me.

for instance:
the other morning piper ran off. (we've been working on teaching her to stick with us in the yard without a leash and, obviously, it hasn't been real effective.)
i was already running late and didn't have time to retrieve her so i yelled at nate to get the damn dog and left.
when i got to the end of the driveway, i spotted her playing with the neighbor dogs.
even worse, she spotted me and came running.
i rolled down the window and said, "piper, GO HOME."
and drove off.
which is precisely the moment she decided to give me a gray hair and started chasing the car.
down the road.
for half a mile.
i finally gave up, stopped the car, let her jump in and headed back for home.
nate was just coming outside when i pulled up so i told piper to tuck and roll and then headed back down the driveway.
halfway to the street i realized i didn't have cash's shoes.
so i turned around. AGAIN.
when i came in the house nate was all, "what did you forget?"
and then i burst into tears.
because i'm a girl.
and also, apparently an emotional wreck. (i'd like to chalk this instance up to being kept up all night by a certain husband playing his xbox really loud, but really i probably would have cried semi well rested or not.)

or take the other day when nate locked me out of the house.
i had given my house key to amanda one day when she was watching cash and hadn't put the key back on my key ring.
which didn't seem like a big problem until i got home and realized, HEY i'm locked out now.
since i've broken into our house once before, i figured i would be able to get through it unscathed this time.
and then i remembered, this is me. in other words, fat fucking chance sarah.
needless to say, i've had a huge bruise on my arm all week from the storm window crashing down on top of me (which is what happened last time - see? i don't learn.)
and the bitch of it all?
i could see my house key sitting on the counter THE ENTIRE TIME.
it was just sitting there, taunting me. hey sarah, remember when you didn't put me back on your key ring? bet you're regretting that now huh, smarty pants!
is 24 too young to start day drinking?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


ETA: my cousin katy sent me this link yesterday and i haven't stopped laughing since. if you see a giant metal chicken on sale somewhere, CALL ME. i'm so putting it right outside nate's window.

i've been in a bit of a funk lately, blogging and otherwise.
nate finally started his new job and he's working graveyard, which i'm fairly certain is going to kill me.
between taking care of the house, cash, making sure someone is picking him up from daycare, making lunches assembly line style, cooking, doing dishes every damn day (sometimes twice) trying to be as attentive to cash as possible, working and then barely managing to get to sleep before 12:30 every night...i'm slowly going out of my mind.
hopefully this phase in our life will be over quickly and we can figure something different out for our family.
until then, i guess i'll just be even more fuddled than i normally am.
which is saying alot.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

thrifting adventures.

amanda and i love to thrift shop. (like, LOVE.)

every time we go we like to play a little game called, "Who can find the ugliest (and awesomest) article of clothing?"

it goes a little like this:

this was the loudest article of clothing i've ever encountered. and it was SEPARATES.

striped romper with shoulder pads? worst 80's trend EVER.

i'm really regretting not buying this. because you never know when you might need a dress covered in crabs.

and this was off the shoulder, with sleeves and it was VELVET. if it had been in my size, it soooo would have come home with me.

best way to spend an afternoon ever.

hug a dad today.

because dads rule.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

this boy in june.

is obsessed with strawberries. OBSESSED.
he now refuses to wear shoes most days (except for the day he chose to wear socks with sandals. so embarrassing.)
we go for a walk every day, me pulling him along in his red wagon.
he is bouncing the springs right out of our couch.
and i catch him doing handstands in his crib pretty much every morning.
he's amazing.

Monday, June 13, 2011

the carwash.

washing your car with a two year old starts out all business.

and ends with a soap sud fight. (he won.)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

the only child.

all things considered, piper is a pretty easy going dog.
yes, she does have the tendency to run off.
but she's always easy to find (visiting our neighbors dogs) and comes right home.
so we started entertaining the thought that eventually we would get another dog to be her playmate (and maybe we could train THAT dog to not run away.)

and then we dog sat my sister's dog hannah.

we managed to escape any major disasters (except for a hannah piddling in our bedroom the first night.)
piper was territorial and jealous the whole time but kept the actual fighting to a minimum (at one point they started to get into it in the kitchen but cash came running in shouting, NO, NO, NO! which marks the first time he ever said that.)
and i thought having one dog following me into the bathroom in the morning was annoying.

i think its safe to say piper is going to remain an only child.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the birthday.

we went for a walk in the rain at deepwood park (cash is all about taking walks.)
we went thrifting (a total bust) and ran errands.

i got this amazing shirt from my sister (it says 'chillin with my gnomies.')
and this book.
and this movie. (sensing a theme here?)
and also this book, quite possibly the funniest thing i've read like, ever.

and best of all - the sun is finally out.
best birthday ever.

Monday, June 6, 2011

the cookie monster.

talk about busted.

[[i'm cursing blogger right now. it keeps uploading my pictures sideways. DAMMIT.]]

Sunday, June 5, 2011

sun time is fun time.

the sun is finally out and cash and i have been spending as much time as possible outside (including not getting him to bed until 9 two nights in a row!)
hence the lack of blogging.
but i've got tons of awesome pictures to share, soon.
also, the birthday was incredible.
in fact, quite possibly the best birthday i've had in awhile.
and the gifts this year were AMAAAAAZING. (the one i'm most excited about? new gravel in my driveway. i'm kind of lame.)
needless to say i'm a happy girl.
and i'm off to go play in the sun with my boys. XO

[[pictures: cash playing on dangerous farm equipment (i'm mother of the year) and fresh flowers from the snowball tree out front. it's my absolute favorite thing - it reminds me of summers spent on the farm and of my sweet grandma norma.]]

Thursday, June 2, 2011

not so good with numbers.

i've spent the better part of this last year thinking i was turning 23.
and then i finally did the math and realized that i am in fact now just a year from the big 2-5.
so apparently my 'bad-at-math' extends to not remembering how old i am.
or the date of our wedding anniversary (ok, so i have to check with nate. whatever.)
here's hoping my 24th year is full of a whole bunch of happy.