Tuesday, June 21, 2011


ETA: my cousin katy sent me this link yesterday and i haven't stopped laughing since. if you see a giant metal chicken on sale somewhere, CALL ME. i'm so putting it right outside nate's window.

i've been in a bit of a funk lately, blogging and otherwise.
nate finally started his new job and he's working graveyard, which i'm fairly certain is going to kill me.
between taking care of the house, cash, making sure someone is picking him up from daycare, making lunches assembly line style, cooking, doing dishes every damn day (sometimes twice) trying to be as attentive to cash as possible, working and then barely managing to get to sleep before 12:30 every night...i'm slowly going out of my mind.
hopefully this phase in our life will be over quickly and we can figure something different out for our family.
until then, i guess i'll just be even more fuddled than i normally am.
which is saying alot.


  1. eeeeeeep! im tired out just reading the list of what you do daily right now! yikes! that is all i can say...eep-yikes!

  2. Hang in there Sarah. I KNOW how you feel. I hope that in about 3 months... you can stop working maybe? ; ) Things will fall ito place. Hopfully sooner than later.

  3. The best part is how huge the chicken is, I thought it would be a lot smaller. And I want one!

    Sorry your life is crazy right now. It seems to go in cycles for me so hopefully yours will smooth out soon.

  4. I laughed so hard at the chicken story... I love it!