Sunday, June 5, 2011

sun time is fun time.

the sun is finally out and cash and i have been spending as much time as possible outside (including not getting him to bed until 9 two nights in a row!)
hence the lack of blogging.
but i've got tons of awesome pictures to share, soon.
also, the birthday was incredible.
in fact, quite possibly the best birthday i've had in awhile.
and the gifts this year were AMAAAAAZING. (the one i'm most excited about? new gravel in my driveway. i'm kind of lame.)
needless to say i'm a happy girl.
and i'm off to go play in the sun with my boys. XO

[[pictures: cash playing on dangerous farm equipment (i'm mother of the year) and fresh flowers from the snowball tree out front. it's my absolute favorite thing - it reminds me of summers spent on the farm and of my sweet grandma norma.]]

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