Thursday, June 9, 2011

the only child.

all things considered, piper is a pretty easy going dog.
yes, she does have the tendency to run off.
but she's always easy to find (visiting our neighbors dogs) and comes right home.
so we started entertaining the thought that eventually we would get another dog to be her playmate (and maybe we could train THAT dog to not run away.)

and then we dog sat my sister's dog hannah.

we managed to escape any major disasters (except for a hannah piddling in our bedroom the first night.)
piper was territorial and jealous the whole time but kept the actual fighting to a minimum (at one point they started to get into it in the kitchen but cash came running in shouting, NO, NO, NO! which marks the first time he ever said that.)
and i thought having one dog following me into the bathroom in the morning was annoying.

i think its safe to say piper is going to remain an only child.

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  1. I found a white german shepherd in Bend that I WANTED. That evening we came home and found out Turner had gotten into the cat box, the garbage, and the food scraps. He is remaining the only child too...