Monday, July 25, 2011


2 years later and i still really like him.
go figure.

happy anniversary babe.

[[i'm getting these for our anniversary - nothing says love like a new pair of shoes.]]

Friday, July 22, 2011

the nudist.

cash likes to be without clothes this days. (at least, back when it was warm.)
for swimming especially.

this also happened to be the day he took his first outside pee.
it terrified him.
i guess he's not quite ready for toilet training yet.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

this stuff is amazing.

nate working a lot means i sometimes i have time on my hands y'all.
it also means that i should be mowing the lawn, doing dishes, making lunches, doing laundry and a bevy of other things instead of wasting time on the internet.

but here we are.

i'm pretty much always down for anything involving lawn gnomes or ninjas but these? are the coolest freaking things i've ever seen.
it's going to be a ninja christmas this year, i'm almost sure of it.

it hasn't been truly warm here in weeks, but these still made my mouth water.
(also? i'm really into food blogs now.

i'm not a total HP nut, but i'm not gonna lie and say that the last movie coming out doesn't make me a bit sad. and this is awesome. though i think ron should be number one. (confession: ron is my secret shame. i think he's so cute. even when he was young and it made me a big pervy perverson to think that. and even though he's a ginger. i'm totally team ron.)

i really wish i had someone to give this card too.
also, basically everything from this shop is freaking hilarious.
the gin card almost made me pee my pants.

i really love the internet.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

the wedding date.

nate is working tons of overtime right now so he can get through his probationary period as quick as possible (which means i can then quit my job - yayyyy!) so we haven't been seeing him much lately. especially since he works graveyard.
and that also means i'm going to lots of functions all by myself.
or, in a lot of cases, with my nate stand-in.
otherwise known as amanka. (or as cash calls her, KA!)

the bonus of her being my date is that she can do my hair for me.
(side story: nate has actually done that before for me...i wanted my hair braided but i'm a bit special needs and can't braid my own hair. so he did it for me. and did a damn fine job i might add. it was a bit of a weird moment.)

this boy is a pretty good date too.

and she's not too shabby either.
who needs nate!

((actually...i do. we miss each other a lot right now. SAPPY.))

Friday, July 15, 2011

[his] obsession.

cash is all about watching videos on youtube.
and for a long time, all he wanted to watch was tap dancing.
until nate made the mistake of showing him a music video of ashley tisdale singing 'kiss the girl' on the little mermaid dvd we rented.
big, BIG mistake.
because now he's obsessed.
i've lost hours (literally, HOURS) of my life to watching that damn video.

he doesn't seem to mind one little bit.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

summer days.

some nights i'm not sure i want to let him in the house.
the amount of dirt and grime this kid picks up throughout the day is kind of inspiring.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

wherein not mowing your lawn comes in handy.

because a little boy giving you mashed up dandelions with all the petals picked off is pretty darn amazing.

Monday, July 11, 2011

4th failure.

these were the only two pictures i managed before cash decided the fireworks were far too scary.
he spent the rest of the evening watching mulan with his uncle buck.
not a bad way to spend the evening i suppose.
maybe next year he'll be into it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

this day in crawford history.

-- we got scolded for being too loud at the horse show at the county fair (those people have no sense of humor.)
-- cash wanted to ride one of the carnival rides, so i got him a wrist band so he could ride as many times as he wanted. except he hates having things on his wrists and flipped the F out. which means i basically spent $5 for the privilege of having my son throw a tantrum in the middle of the carnival.
-- cash called every single animal a cow. (but not in a rude way.)
-- and he could have spent the entire day in the petting zoo giving the goats and cows kisses. (i'll try and forget the fact that he smacked an old lady in the butt when she cut in front of him. talk about embarrassing.)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


it seems strange that just a few days ago we were fighting rain storms at the park.

good thing we're oregonians, eh?
even better, the sun is finally out.
hopefully for good.

the second picking.

picking this year was a little sad.
the oregon weather was not so kind this year, but cash made the best of it.
we're both more excited for blueberry picking anyway.

[[the first picking's pictures here. the difference is insane!]]

Saturday, July 2, 2011


cash -

you bring new meaning to the word toddler. your stubborn. incorrigable. sticky. loud. peculiar. particular. and undeniably sweet and loving.
you still love dancing and have started adding some new moves.
you love to sing.
fruit is still your number one, but you change your favorite daily. right now its all about the strawberry.
taco night is your favorite - you eat nothing but the ground beef and an empty taco shell.
in fact, you'll eat anything if it is covered in taco seasoning.
you're all about the spice - you love sun dried tomato wheat thins and zesty salsa pita chips. and apparently you eat your quesadillas at school with extra hot sauce. go figure.
you refuse to wear shoes most days.
you HATE to take a bath now. you'll stay in the tub long enough for me to hose you down, wash and rinse you off and then its game over. it's a little exhausting.
you started sleeping with a pillow and you drool on it just like your dad does. it's way cuter when you do it.
you're outside all day long. literally.
and you're talking a little more each day. actually, a lot more. i love it.

you're pretty awesome, kid.

your ba-ba