Saturday, July 2, 2011


cash -

you bring new meaning to the word toddler. your stubborn. incorrigable. sticky. loud. peculiar. particular. and undeniably sweet and loving.
you still love dancing and have started adding some new moves.
you love to sing.
fruit is still your number one, but you change your favorite daily. right now its all about the strawberry.
taco night is your favorite - you eat nothing but the ground beef and an empty taco shell.
in fact, you'll eat anything if it is covered in taco seasoning.
you're all about the spice - you love sun dried tomato wheat thins and zesty salsa pita chips. and apparently you eat your quesadillas at school with extra hot sauce. go figure.
you refuse to wear shoes most days.
you HATE to take a bath now. you'll stay in the tub long enough for me to hose you down, wash and rinse you off and then its game over. it's a little exhausting.
you started sleeping with a pillow and you drool on it just like your dad does. it's way cuter when you do it.
you're outside all day long. literally.
and you're talking a little more each day. actually, a lot more. i love it.

you're pretty awesome, kid.

your ba-ba

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