Sunday, July 17, 2011

the wedding date.

nate is working tons of overtime right now so he can get through his probationary period as quick as possible (which means i can then quit my job - yayyyy!) so we haven't been seeing him much lately. especially since he works graveyard.
and that also means i'm going to lots of functions all by myself.
or, in a lot of cases, with my nate stand-in.
otherwise known as amanka. (or as cash calls her, KA!)

the bonus of her being my date is that she can do my hair for me.
(side story: nate has actually done that before for me...i wanted my hair braided but i'm a bit special needs and can't braid my own hair. so he did it for me. and did a damn fine job i might add. it was a bit of a weird moment.)

this boy is a pretty good date too.

and she's not too shabby either.
who needs nate!

((actually...i do. we miss each other a lot right now. SAPPY.))

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  1. awww, yay! You make me grin! I less than three you muches. And although I know you miss your man, Im honored to be among these fine 'date alternatives' :)