Tuesday, July 19, 2011

this stuff is amazing.

nate working a lot means i sometimes i have time on my hands y'all.
it also means that i should be mowing the lawn, doing dishes, making lunches, doing laundry and a bevy of other things instead of wasting time on the internet.

but here we are.

i'm pretty much always down for anything involving lawn gnomes or ninjas but these? are the coolest freaking things i've ever seen.
it's going to be a ninja christmas this year, i'm almost sure of it.

it hasn't been truly warm here in weeks, but these still made my mouth water.
(also? i'm really into food blogs now. mmmm...food.)

i'm not a total HP nut, but i'm not gonna lie and say that the last movie coming out doesn't make me a bit sad. and this is awesome. though i think ron should be number one. (confession: ron is my secret shame. i think he's so cute. even when he was young and it made me a big pervy perverson to think that. and even though he's a ginger. i'm totally team ron.)

i really wish i had someone to give this card too.
also, basically everything from this shop is freaking hilarious.
the gin card almost made me pee my pants.

i really love the internet.


  1. You realize gin is my favorite summer drink....

  2. YESSS! expect that card next time i give you a gift.