Tuesday, August 30, 2011


gear up for a brain dump:

-- it's a sad day when the almost-three year old is starting to complain about the music i listen to in the car. fine - some of the music i listen to is ridiculous. still - this is a kid that still thinks twinkle twinkle is the shit. perhaps he should keep his loudly expressed opinions to himself.

-- my biggest pet peeve is when teenagers (or as i like to call them, worthless hoodlums. yes, i'm 80) mosey across the sidewalk as if they have all the time in the world. and then they look at me like, what - you're not going to hit me. and what i really want to do is shout out the window, you know what buddy!? i would love nothing more than to bounce you off the hood of my car. pick your pants up and MOVE THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY.

-- i'm currently reading laurie notaro's latest book it looked different on the model and it's literally the funniest book i've read in ages. when she starts talking about what its like to live in eugene, i actually shot water out of my nose. the line about the hippie carrying a ferret in a baby bjorn just kills me.

-- nate and i had a really refreshing conversation about the future of cash's education. we have never really broached the subject before, but it happened to come up the other day and we were completely on the same page. i love when that happens. (nothing groundbreaking, just that we both agree that homeschooling isn't outside the realm of possibilities for him.)

-- we try and take piper to the dog park at least once a week and today was the day. piper is a completely chill dog and never has a problem getting along with other dogs at the park (in fact, if othe dogs start to get into it, she just runs off. bit of a chicken, that one.) but today there was a dog that she did NOT get along with (to be frank, that dog was not well behaved. s/he kept trying to bite piper. piper was not amused and ran off to play with another dog.) i was headed to the trash can with my little baggie-o-poop courtesy of miss piper when the 'mean' dog started walking with cash. piper spotted them from all the way across the park and came RUNNING. like, the fastest i've seen her run since she was...well, thin. she came tearing over to cash and instantly put herself between him and the 'mean' dog. she was being such a sweet, protective little mama bear. i think they must like each other.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

on being brave.

cash is shy. super shy. painfully shy. (he totally gets it from me. shut up, i'm actually really shy.)

so anytime he is put into a new situation, he really has to ease into it.

like, take 10 minutes to even get near the water when we're at the splash pad.

i feel the same way most of the time so it never occurs to me that this is weird.

nate is completely the opposite - he jumps feet first, no questions asked, just goes for it.

and he has a really hard time giving cash the time that he needs to adapt (bless his heart.)

so when we took him to the splash pad the other day, i was prepared to spend alot of time waiting for him to get up the nerve to get in the water.

which still sort of happened.

and then he just went for it.

i was so proud of my boy.

granted, it was pretty short lived. but i'll still got it a victory.

(sidenote: no need to adjust your monitors, i'm THAT sunburned. i'd spent the day volunteering for habitat for humanity. and it just so happened to be 94 degrees that day. we were at the splash pad more for my benefit.)

(picture taken by the lovely julie who was along for the fun. love her.)

and then, just yesterday, we went to the silverton resevoir to cool off.

and instead of being timid and shy, he waded right in.


i was geeking out about it the rest of the night.

he never ceases to amaze me.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the shirt.

the resemblances between this boy and my dad are pointedly obvious.

and i love that, truly.

but i feel a bit sad every time someone brings it up.

not because it makes me miss him more.

but because i feel sad for cash. he's going to grow up being constantly compared and reminded of a grandpa that he won't even remember.

so i make a point of not making those comparisons.

and i don't buy him clothes or toys just because they make me think of dad.


this shirt was too cool not to get.

vintage star wars?

heck YES.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


this weekend's thrifting trip was one of the best hauls i've had in a loooong time.

it also produced some gems like these:

if this hadn't been see through, i might have bought it. amazing.

not one, but TWO. and they were velour. with fur on top.

this went home with amanda because it was 2 dollars. and it is a print of cats wearing santa hats. clearly, a must have. (actually, she's saving it for our ugly sweater christmas party.)

ummmm, ya. i really regret not buying this.

this may very well be the best vintage dress i've ever found. and it was only $7. and it came with that belt. i pretty much want to wear it every day.

and this i just couldn't pass up. i have no idea when i'm going to ever use it.

i also scored tupperware, a vintage glass juice jug and a little ceramic lawn gnome.

epic goodwill trip.

Monday, August 22, 2011

the artist.

most of the projects i've attempted in the past with cash have been epic failures.

so when i busted out the finger paints and the canvas a few days ago, i wasn't going to hold my breath.

and then this happened:

cash is obsessed with all things art again.

so obsessed that i caught him making designs with his paintbrush in the dust on my desk.

it was awesome.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

the second visit.

we took cash to the zoo again a couple of weeks back.

he was only interested in the animals that were in water.

and even then, he was mostly just interested in saying 'water' over and over again.

clearly we just need to go to the aquarium.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

the routine.

i've been home almost all weekend with cash and its been...fantastic.

i've forgotten how nice it was for it to be just me and him, taking care of the house and playing all day.

he took a regular (looong) nap both days without putting up a fight.

and even though i've been constantly busy cleaning, doing laundry and everything else, its been the most relaxing weekend i've had in ages.

nate having the last couple days off too hasn't hurt either.

i'm really looking forward to being able to have this routine again sometime soon.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

a boy date.

these two don't get nearly enough of them but they certainly make them count.

((also, cash loves giving hugs. stuart isn't so keen on receiving them.))

Thursday, August 11, 2011


cash and piper have had an ambiguous relationship for the past two and a half years.

he tolerates her, she puts up with him and they tend to pretty much just stay out of each others way.

but in the last few weeks, he's started to grow pretty attached to her (coincidentally, right around the same time he started really talking.)

one of the first words he mastered was puppy and loved pointing her out in pictures.

and then suddenly one day, he said PIIIIE-porrr when we came pulling into the driveway.

i about drove into the garage.

he's all about playing with her piper-ness now.

this newfound love (which is, admittedly, mostly one sided) definitely has it pitfalls.

because piper is a well documented runner.

as in, she runs away. alot.

and now every time she does, he cries.

the other night she was gone for longer than usual (she almost always comes home on her own) so i was out in our front yard calling for her.

cash was on the porch crying when he stood up and started yelling, 'PIIIIIEEE-PORRRRRR' really loud with me.

then he came up to me, grabbed my hand and said, 'pie-porr home?'

melted my little heart.

i love that boy and his dog.

Monday, August 8, 2011

so, i think my neighbors are pot farmers.

ok, so technically they aren't my neighbors - its a house down the street from ours.

and yes, it could be very ambitious tomato plants. A LOT of tomato plants.

and maybe it's perfectly normal to always have your truck parked in the back of your house watching over the plants.

who am i to judge?

i'm just saying.

it's a little weird.

and i'm really nosy.

you know what else is really weird?

enchanted forest.

its like walking through a very strange dream.

also, those animatronic things freak me the hell out.

and yet...i love that place.

i think cash does too.

he wouldn't go inside anything that was dark (which is just about everything) but he loved walking through the trees.

and he about lost his shit on this train.

as did nate and i, since it played ol' mcdonald at 90 decibels.

i guarantee you that whatever they pay the kids that run that ride, it is not enough.


in any case, i think it's safe to say that we'll be headed back next summer.