Sunday, August 28, 2011

on being brave.

cash is shy. super shy. painfully shy. (he totally gets it from me. shut up, i'm actually really shy.)

so anytime he is put into a new situation, he really has to ease into it.

like, take 10 minutes to even get near the water when we're at the splash pad.

i feel the same way most of the time so it never occurs to me that this is weird.

nate is completely the opposite - he jumps feet first, no questions asked, just goes for it.

and he has a really hard time giving cash the time that he needs to adapt (bless his heart.)

so when we took him to the splash pad the other day, i was prepared to spend alot of time waiting for him to get up the nerve to get in the water.

which still sort of happened.

and then he just went for it.

i was so proud of my boy.

granted, it was pretty short lived. but i'll still got it a victory.

(sidenote: no need to adjust your monitors, i'm THAT sunburned. i'd spent the day volunteering for habitat for humanity. and it just so happened to be 94 degrees that day. we were at the splash pad more for my benefit.)

(picture taken by the lovely julie who was along for the fun. love her.)

and then, just yesterday, we went to the silverton resevoir to cool off.

and instead of being timid and shy, he waded right in.


i was geeking out about it the rest of the night.

he never ceases to amaze me.


  1. Where is the splash pad? It looks so fun! Hooray for Cash, I would take it as a victory as well!

  2. oh my goodness he got in right away?!!! Wow, Im so impressed. Im like you, I need to ease into things like swimming, being in large groups and sometimes small groups and waking up in the morning...I think I would have taken longer at both the splash pad and the resevoir! Way to go Cash!

  3. annette - the splash pad is down at the waterfront park, on the opposite side of the playground. its so fun.

    julie - i'm totally the same way :] cool ppl are like that i think! but ya, he got right in! so far, we blaming it on the fact that we had amanda's sister lily with us (he loves her long time.)