Thursday, August 11, 2011


cash and piper have had an ambiguous relationship for the past two and a half years.

he tolerates her, she puts up with him and they tend to pretty much just stay out of each others way.

but in the last few weeks, he's started to grow pretty attached to her (coincidentally, right around the same time he started really talking.)

one of the first words he mastered was puppy and loved pointing her out in pictures.

and then suddenly one day, he said PIIIIE-porrr when we came pulling into the driveway.

i about drove into the garage.

he's all about playing with her piper-ness now.

this newfound love (which is, admittedly, mostly one sided) definitely has it pitfalls.

because piper is a well documented runner.

as in, she runs away. alot.

and now every time she does, he cries.

the other night she was gone for longer than usual (she almost always comes home on her own) so i was out in our front yard calling for her.

cash was on the porch crying when he stood up and started yelling, 'PIIIIIEEE-PORRRRRR' really loud with me.

then he came up to me, grabbed my hand and said, 'pie-porr home?'

melted my little heart.

i love that boy and his dog.


  1. ok, that is about the cutest thing EEVVEERR!

  2. Lee says: Awwwww! I say: Awwww too! :) LOVE it!