Tuesday, August 30, 2011


gear up for a brain dump:

-- it's a sad day when the almost-three year old is starting to complain about the music i listen to in the car. fine - some of the music i listen to is ridiculous. still - this is a kid that still thinks twinkle twinkle is the shit. perhaps he should keep his loudly expressed opinions to himself.

-- my biggest pet peeve is when teenagers (or as i like to call them, worthless hoodlums. yes, i'm 80) mosey across the sidewalk as if they have all the time in the world. and then they look at me like, what - you're not going to hit me. and what i really want to do is shout out the window, you know what buddy!? i would love nothing more than to bounce you off the hood of my car. pick your pants up and MOVE THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY.

-- i'm currently reading laurie notaro's latest book it looked different on the model and it's literally the funniest book i've read in ages. when she starts talking about what its like to live in eugene, i actually shot water out of my nose. the line about the hippie carrying a ferret in a baby bjorn just kills me.

-- nate and i had a really refreshing conversation about the future of cash's education. we have never really broached the subject before, but it happened to come up the other day and we were completely on the same page. i love when that happens. (nothing groundbreaking, just that we both agree that homeschooling isn't outside the realm of possibilities for him.)

-- we try and take piper to the dog park at least once a week and today was the day. piper is a completely chill dog and never has a problem getting along with other dogs at the park (in fact, if othe dogs start to get into it, she just runs off. bit of a chicken, that one.) but today there was a dog that she did NOT get along with (to be frank, that dog was not well behaved. s/he kept trying to bite piper. piper was not amused and ran off to play with another dog.) i was headed to the trash can with my little baggie-o-poop courtesy of miss piper when the 'mean' dog started walking with cash. piper spotted them from all the way across the park and came RUNNING. like, the fastest i've seen her run since she was...well, thin. she came tearing over to cash and instantly put herself between him and the 'mean' dog. she was being such a sweet, protective little mama bear. i think they must like each other.

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