Tuesday, September 13, 2011


10 years ago on the morning of september 11th i was getting ready for school.
my mom always had the news on in the morning and i remember her sitting in front of, jaw dropped, unbelieving.
she woke my dad and told him, 'you have to see this - a plane just hit the world trade center.'
being an ignorant teenager, i couldn't even remember what the two towers were.
the only thing i even knew about them was that years ago my dad slept on a park bench in front of the trade center, after driving cross country to deliver a car for a friend. (i'll never forget that story - he said the one thing he took away from new york was that the whole city smelled like rat urine.)

i remember the long bus ride to school, our driver listening to the news on the radio.
i'm not much of a morning person and i was having a hard time understanding what the heck they were talking about.

first period i had p.e. and our teacher made us dress down and then said, "we're going to sit in the common room and watch the news - its important that you guys see this."
i remember sitting in my gross gym clothes, amanda right next to me (the same amanda that is still my closest friend today) as we watched the second tower fall.
the rest of the day was a mixture of teachers trying to get us to focus and teachers putting on cnn and trying to comprehend this mess themselves.
i'll never forget the moment in my sixth period health class when someone asked if the rest of the country was safe. our teacher just said, "i don't know."

the events that unfolded 10 years ago changed this country and our lives forever.
its a day that i'll never forget.

this podcast is amazing - grab some tissue and take a couple of minutes to listen.

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