Monday, September 19, 2011

skeletons in my attic.part 1

i've spent the last couple of days going through mom's attic to unload it of all its...crap. and i've found some amazing things.

the good:
e.t. tea party anyone?

play kitchen tupperware! i'm ready for a pretend tea party my friends.

this was a letter from my bestie/cousin nicole. it's WAY embarrassing.

remember when i regretted not buying this at goodwill? well i found one in the attic! sweet valley high for the win!

and this was my highchair from when i was a baby. why it was still in the attic 24 years later is a fantastic question.

the bad:
intense reading.

i don't even know.

80s charm necklace!!! man, its ugly.

umm i was the owner of that ugly sweater. eesh.

and behold my sisters glasses from eighth grade. sexy.

and the terrifying:
this right here is why i hate dolls. look at its misshapen claw!

and this is why i hate clowns.

and this is about the time i made a goodwill employee want to cry.
mind you, this is car load one of what will probably be at least 3 loads.
i, of course, didn't tell HIM that.
no need to get black listed from the goodwill drop off.


  1. Wow, that is intense...but look at the fabulous treasures you found in the mountain of goodwill gunk :)

  2. I happen to remember that sweater of yours...

  3. I remember the sweater as well! It shows up in Ella's first birthday party pictures! You found some really cool treasures though! Love the E.T. set.