Friday, September 2, 2011

the pox.

the house of crawford has been sick all week with a particularly wicked cold, so when cash started acting under the weather i didn't really think anything of it.

he stopped eating and was running a lowgrade fever but nothing that truly alarmed me.

then i noticed he had a rash of little pimple-esque bumps on his face.

i figured it was baby acne.

then i noticed it on the back of his neck and started to wonder.

over night more cropped up so i figured i should take him in to the doctors.

and thus began the worst experience i've had in a doctors office EVER.

first off, we had to wait for almost an hour to even see the doctor. cash hates this doctor and was completely uncooperative the whole time (to the point of needing me and a nurse to restrain him while his doctor looked in his ears.)

we discovered he had the beginning stages of a bad ear infection.

but she dismissed the rash entirely saying, "it doesn't look like 'typical' chicken pox, but it still may change. if it does, he'll need to stay away from other children for at least a week."

to which i said, "if its not chicken pox, then what is it?"

"a rash."

no shit, doc.

i'm so glad i fork out all kinds of money for your expertise.

doctor or not, i think its safe to say he has the pox:

i've started noticing him visibly itching his head and legs (strangely, where the rash is least prevalent) and he's damn cranky because of his ears.

and a couple of the bumps are starting to...bubble up, for lack of a better term.

it's going to be a long, LONG week.

please send coffee.

or adult beverages.

this momma is gonna need it.

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