Saturday, September 17, 2011

the torture session.

cash used to love brushing his teeth. LOVE.
then something clicked.
and he started HATING IT. just like that.
at first i thought it was just because he hated the taste of the toothpaste (he doesn't like the fruity toothpaste, which is a problem since all the fluoride free stuff for kids is flavored that way.)
so i got him new toothpaste.
still hated it.
so i bought him a super cool 'spinbrush' toothbrush (he picked out the cars one even though i was heavily influencing him to pick captain america. whatever, kid.)
still hated it. even more so, i think.
which makes our bedtime routine real fun.
most nights about 8 o'clock you'll find me pinning him down with my legs so i have both arms free to torture him.
last night he screamed so hard and loud that he popped blood vessels in his face.
his commitment to being stubborn is inspiring.
to whom, i'm not sure.
because i'm sure beginning to not appreciate it.

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