Tuesday, September 27, 2011

this week.

-- it's cash's last week of daycare, which we're both pretty excited about (although it means i really need to start busting my ass to get mom's attics cleaned out.) it also means i've got cupcakes to bake.

-- october is quickly approaching, which means i need to get my costume put together and DECORATE.

-- nate's birthday is on friday and i've got NOTHING planned. because i suck. (also, he has to work. mer.)

-- speaking of mom's attics, i'm actually pretty close to being done. i'm really losing my motivation. i kind of hate going to the house now. nothing is the same and i wish it would just be completely empty - the in-between is terrible. i completely understand why my grandpa bob said of his mom's house (the house we now live in) that, "he didn't care if he never saw that house again." i want to remember it for what it was, not the falling apart mess it is now.

so there's my pity party.

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