Wednesday, September 7, 2011

thrifting [ugly christmas sweater edition]

amanda and i are planning an incredibly awesome ugly sweater christmas party this year and have been searching for the perfect polyester gems to wear.
she got the one on the left (though the one on the right was reeeeally tempting - it still had its original tags on it!)

and i got the one on the left as well - i'm going to be highly flammable.

we decided this would be perfect for an ugly sweater easter party. yikes. also, i'm pretty sure my sister had this sweater.

this would have looked fantastic on a kindergarten teacher. i'm not really even sure what it was.

we'll take a quick break from awesome sweaters to take a gander at this:
and to think, someone donated poor elf orlando bloom.

80s prom niiiiiight!

it had a see-through back AND see-through shoulders. sexy.

i'm just going to let this shirt speak for itself:
also, my face is kind of priceless.

heh heh heh. classic.

this doesn't look nearly as awful in the picture as it was in real life. trust me, it was bad.

and this is my newest favorite thrift find - a mustard yellow blender! best part? it was 25 cents. RAD.


  1. The blender is awesome! Where did you find it? And, just for the record, if you draw my name for Christmas this year, I do not want a sweater. No sweaters. None. Those are all too awful for words!

  2. annette - i spotted the blender at a yard sale on sunnyview (i practically drove off the road!) and i'm sooooo getting you a sweater...just for fun :)

    julie - next time, you have to come with!