Wednesday, October 12, 2011

day 7.

cash hasn't napped in seven days.
and while i know i should be thankful that he at least lies down for a bit and then plays quietly in his room for an hour, i'm not.
because cash is much like me in that he needs a very specific amount of sleep to function like a normal human.
without it, we turn into neurotic asshats with a propensity to run into shit. on purpose. because we're INSANE.
every day this week i've woken up thinking, YES! today he will nap!
and every day, about 4 o'clock, i start eyeing the benadryl while this tiny demon runs circles around me screaming like a banshee.
look, i get it - in the big scheme of things this is a very 'first world problem' and i should just shut the hell up.
but that's not very like me, now is it?

tomorrow i may just be praying to whatever god that will listen to give me the strength not to spike his apple juice.


  1. Worst stage of childhood ever-desperately need to nap, old enough to resist all efforts to make that nap happen! And, then the afternoon and evening are spent coaxing the child out of those "I am just too tired to go on" meltdowns! So sorry! If you don't spike his juice, you can at least spike yours!

  2. I say just spike it man...just spike it!!! And give him a shake...that should do it.
    ps...what's an asshat?

  3. i think i'll stick with spiking my juice - at least that way i get to have some fun! :)

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  5. Kaylee stopped taking naps all together at 3. There was no winning with her. She just decided one day, that she was done. I remember the feeling of total defeat as I had this screaming (and TIRED) child at my feet who just would not cave. Who would have thought that she'd be so stubborn? Then... and STILL. Oy, I sooo feel your pain.