Tuesday, October 4, 2011


we were plus one pet last week.
ned, the caterpillar.
cash wanted to name him "cute," but i thought ned had a better ring to it.
we found him in our driveway after a rather dreadful walk to the mailbox.
cash refused to let me set him free, insisting on bringing him inside.
i made him a sweet little home in an old mason jar to keep the little tyrant happy.
he didn't pay him much attention to him after that.
of course.
i, however, spent the next week cleaning up caterpillar poo and foraging in the yard for tasty leaves for ned.
caterpillars poop a surprising amount.
lesson learned.
ned, i'm happy to say, is now living out his life outdoors.

i thought maybe his love was restricted to cats and caterpillars only, but yesterday he found a salamander in the wood shed.
he wouldn't touch him but cried when i set him free.
that little boy, he's the best.

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