Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the family photos.

gear up peeps - you are about to enter photo overload.

 nate will kill me if i don't explain this picture - nate suffers from what we like to call 'the chandler.' which means that most of the time, he smiles like a crazy person in photos. and he's a good sport and felt the need to demonstrate. charming, huh?


[[there are more, but blogger is being LAME and won't upload vertical for now, this is it.]]
i think that very last one is my favorite.
i don't have nearly enough pictures of cash and i that i actually like.
and i have NO idea how i am going to pick one for our christmas cards (though i'm pretty sure it's going to be one of the slide ones because...they're hilarious.)

and heather - i can't thank you enough. i love them. LOVE. you're the best.


  1. Cute pictures Sarah! Where in the heck is that awesome slide? And yeah one of the slide ones would be perfect for a Christmas card!